Virginia will go for McAuliffe by mail in ballot.


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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “I’m calling it now”
    1. I’m actually looking forward to it.

      I can’t wait until Biden has an approval rate in the low 20s, with 70% or more disapproving, and “fuck Joe Biden” being chanted everywhere all the time, and he still gets reelected with more votes than the 81 million he got in 2020.

      I want the fraud to be transparent and obvious.

      1. It already was transparently obvious. The problem is, people are stupid. The founders knew this, which is why the system was built the way it was.

        1. Totally agree with you. Majority of people are just following sheeps and are so stupid. They need to wake up and be ready for 1776 2.0!

      2. Biden’s one job right now is to last 2 years and 1 day into his presidency before being taken out by Death or acknowledged incompetence, that way his replacement will get the remaining time of his term, and a chance at 2 4-year terms themselves. Total time in office almost 10 years.

        I also don’t expect Ms. Harris to last much longer, and the real VP that is selected to replace her and SloJo to take over.

  1. Ballot counting will stop officially at 10PM, but a bunch of eager hard workers will show up at 3AM to get an early start. Curiously, every vote counted when the observers are not there will be for the Dem.

  2. Virginia will go for McAuliffe by mail in ballot.


    There has been no real challenge to the last fraud.
    As show, No Go. Just like The Repube-lickin Party.

  3. “Virginia will go for McAuliffe by mail in ballot.”
    You mean Democrats will win – again – by cheating! What they do best, with lying as well.

  4. “McAuliffe vs. Youngkin, in 2 pics”

    Eh, not impressed, as far as being predictive of the outcome.

    We saw the exact same types of photo spreads, under the header, “Trump vs. Biden, in 2 pics” — Trump was filling stadiums to standing room only while Biden had a loose group of a dozen, half of which were press and the other half were staffers — and the outcome was Biden winning with the most votes ever amassed in United States’ history.

    The problem is not whether the Republican candidate can defeat the margin of error; an 8-point lead +/- 3% doesn’t change the outcome. The problem is whether the Republican candidate can defeat the margin of fraud.

  5. The last two counties to come in will be Arlington and Fairfax, and they will ‘throw’ the election to McAuliffe by the margin of cheat… dammit

  6. I’m going to disagree. Dem fraud is not automatic. There’s notable examples where they don’t turn the fraud machine on- 2016 for instance.
    In this situation, there is no real advantage to cheating in an old has-been. It’s not like this is going to turn the House or Senate red or anything.

    But, the Dem establish absolutely can use a Republican victory in VA. They can point to this and use it as a club to quash electoral reform. They can use it as an example of how the Republicans can win without Trump. They can even use it as a means to send a message to elements of their own party to get in line or get voted out in 22.

    1. Dem fraud is automatic. It’s getting harder and harder for them to keep winning legitimately so they have to keep using fraud more and more. The problem is the more and more they use it the more obvious it tends to get in the more obvious it tends to get The angrier people will get.

      They are so assured of staying in power forever and if they can you get away with fraud forever I don’t think they even think about the possibility of this rampant open fraud exploding in their faces.

      The Democrats goal is to win everything at any cost. They did that in 2020. They’re going to do that again. However “at any cost“ does have a cost.

      1. Consider that they’ve been doing fraud since Boss Tweed was running around in diapers, and LBJ was just some rancher in Texas. There are times that they pointedly did not activate the fraud machine- McGovern’s loss in 1972 and Hillary’s loss in 2016 come to mind.
        It may yet be that the famous Midnight Trunk-‘O-Ballots makes an appearance tonight, which may yet pour more fuel into the drive to fix the system. We’ll see.

      2. Consider a card sharp. Does he try to win every single hand? Or does he go with the “what is this poooo-keerr game?” approach until the stakes get sufficiently high.
        Does a pool hall hustler display his skills right off the bat?

        The Democrats, despite their faults, actually understand strategy. And this is basic strategy 101- sometimes you take a loss now for a bigger win later.

    1. Might want to put your order in, gunner.

      We are well within the margin of cheat this morning, with three more days for absentee ballots to show up.

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