First was Colbert:

Now it’s Bette Midler:


Is there not one PR person on Hollywood calling up celebrities saying: “Look, I know you want to look like you are caring but the American people are really struggling with the economy.  Telling them to pay more in gas is a bad image and you shouldn’t do it.”

I’m starting to believe that this us Russian disinformation.

I can’t think of something that will turn the American people against Ukraine faster than doubling their gas and food bills and telling them it’s a sacrifice for Ukraine.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I’m convinced this is Russian disinformation”
  1. Damn. Get it right. Your paying high fuel prices to feed the dissolution of the USA, for the Russian war machine, for Putin’s retirement plan, for the hate the Biden team is binging to you.

    The child in Ukraine will never see a penny and her safety was never in the cards.

    Drill, baby. Drill.

    Nous Fefions

  2. Our President (a title for show unlike your President) just said the high fuel prices are the price of freedom, we can freeze a little for freedom.
    Our Chancellor (similar to your President) said he has no idea what things cost (when asked about the high fuel prices) because he “earns” good money.

  3. Of course these Hollywood types have PR people. It’s just that all their work is directed at their fellow wealthy bien pensants, and I’m sure the professed willingness to “sacrifice” is very well received in those august circles.

    I doubt the opinion of the American people even enters into the calculus. After all, why waste any effort trying to convince a bunch filthy peasants? They only exist to follow the orders of their betters.

  4. Honestly, Hollyweird types are for the most part heavily disconnected. So I can buy the idea that they came up with this brainstorm on their own without any Russian prodding.

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