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6 thoughts on “I’m feeling every inch of it “extraordinarily elevated””
  1. Article I read today. Inflation is good. It means the economy is recovering and everyone is out buying stuff like TV’s and furniture w/ all their Wuhan surplus cash causing shortages.

  2. We’re getting into ‘can’t spin this away’ levels of inflation at this point.

    They can have Raggedy Jen sit up there and babble all they like. When shit costs 5-10 times what it did, people NOTICE.

    If they’re lucky they’ll only be voted out. Unlucky? Well… an economic crash was what kicked off the French Revolution as well.

  3. Allegedly, inflation is at something like 8 % year-over-year. Gas has been “reported ” to be up on the order of 40%.

    Napkin math: in my neck of the woods, gas as I speak is circa $3.85/gal for regular. Prior to Emperor Brandon assuming the regency, it was $1.80/gal. Lessee: 3.85 – 1.80 = 2.05. Now, for the innumerate (Jhiao Bribem voters): 2.05 ≠ (0.40 x 1.80), similarly, 2.05 ≠ (0.40 x 3.85).

    So, not only being molested, but, also, gaslighted! (a) Putin! Putin! Putin! (“it all started with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine!” Hmmm. I’m not a smart man, but All! The! Best! Minds! tell us that Putin is circa 7-8 weeks into his invasion. Gas started leaping upwards in price in (to be charitable) Feb 2021.)

    (b) Ignore your lying calculators! Gas is only up 40 %!

    (c) Wait! It’s down 15 cents/gallon! All praise Emperor Brandon!

    (spit). A pox on ’em. And, I mean a genuine, scarring, blinding, killing pox. Just like it was 1699. (“Oh, Lord, hear my prayer!”)

  4. How much of this is traceable to Brandon’s outlawing Drilling on Federal Lands, Cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline, and stopping oil exploration in ANWR?

    Not only did it make the US dependent on foreign oil again, it was a HUGE signal to everyone that Brandon did not care about controlling prices, and that he was going to enrich our foreign adversaries in Russia, Iran, and punish the economies of the whole freaking world with higher energy prices.

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