This is a huge problem.

Some of the comments talk about the need for more trade schools.  That is true, but that won’t fix the problem.

Other talk about the shift in the economy away from more “masculine” jobs.  That’s only sort of true.  Yes, there are more HR and DE&I officers than ever, but we still need people to actually build and make things.

The problem is as a society we have approached the gender equality issue as a zero sum game, and for one gender to win the other must lose.

That is a product of the Marxist thinking that took over the Left in the 1960s.

Going all the way back to antiquity, philosophers and thinkers understood people need a purpose.

We need something to motivate us.

People without a purpose are indolent and self destructive.

Since the dawn of civilization, the purpose of men has been to be the provider and protector.

The goal of a man was to make himself desirable to marry, get married, have children, and take care of his family.  Men were encouraged to do this and were lauded for it.

The ancient Greek and Roman philosophers wrote about this, so did the ancient Jewish sages.

In modern times that has be abandoned and denounced.

The message of society has be men are unnecessary and unwanted.

Women can enter the corporate world and don’t need a husband to support financially.

Women can be single mothers and raise children without a father.

Men who want to be providers and protectors are sexist pigs who just want women to be oppressed, barefoot, and pregnant in the kitchen.

Men who do the things men have traditionally done to build great civilizations are toxic.

And boys got that message.

They have no purpose.

If a woman doesn’t need you, why work hard to make yourself marriage material and get married.  There is porn and OnlyFans when your horny.

Why go out and try to contribute positively when that’s just makes you a toxic knuckle-dragger.

And so men have checked out of society to play video games, watch porn, drink beer, and smoke pot.

Men have been stripped of their purpose and so no longer have the intrinsic motivation to build themselves up or build up society.

As a result both men and society are crumbling.

The only way to fix this is to change the culture and tell me that they are needed, wanted, and the things men have traditionally done for society are good and valuable.

If you read the comments to Yang’s thread, so many of them are “men have had it good for a long time, it’s women’s time now.”

We must get away from zero sum thinking. We must recognize that we can build up men without diminishing women and that building up women by diminishing men was how we created this crisis in the first place.

And let me be clear, I’m not blaming women for this.  Many are just as much victims as men.  I’m blaming the Marxists who pushed this garbage on society.

If we can’t get past zero sum thinking and restore purpose to men, we are doomed to failure.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I’m glad Yang is bringing this up but does he have the gall to address the root cause?”
  1. There’s a well-established way to get men motivated, and to keep idle men from making trouble at home.

    We need a war!

    And, in his second term, Trump is finally set to fulfill the promises made during his 2016 campaign. We’ve already had the sellout to Russia (Nord Stream 2, etc.), and now we’re fast approaching the war with Russia, as was foretold.
    (OK, so it wasn’t Trump making those promises, but I was assured by reliable sources that Trump would both sell us out to Russia and start a war with Russia. The same people were telling me both things. It didn’t seem to make sense at the time. Maybe they knew something about Hillary?)
    And, yes, I agree with your diagnosis of Marxist zero-sum thinking – and also with your point that many (most?) women are also victims in this game. Breaking people out of Marxist thinking is quite the challenge, though; it’s the deadliest and most intractable plague the world has yet seen.

    1. And, read Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male – Doug Giles.

  2. And these same people saying “it is the women’s turn” will rue the day when we are conquered and there are no men willing to fight for the civilization that has discarded them, and the women are hauled away as chattel to a harem from the barbarians of the east.

  3. The first rule and or strategy required to successfully take over a nation is to, if possible, remove the ‘backbone’ of the national body of the targeted nation. The backbone of any nation down through human history has ‘always’ been the “Fighting-age” men demographic of the nation.

    For instance, the most common strategy down through history, was to encircle the nation, cut off all imports, destroy the agriculture, and if possible close-off the water supply. The fighting-age men within ninety days usually are at least 50% disabled. In six months, the demographic is too weak to fight.

    Today we are seeing a ‘modern progressive’ form of this same strategy which started sixty years ago but has substantially increased in progression the last twenty years. J.Kb’s post is spot on…we are at the point of no return. Today’s winners of this zero-sum game will never want to release the control they have been given by our corrupt government.

    I would further argue that it is almost impossible today for healthy fighting men to even accomplish the unity and structure required to mount a viable resistance, on a statewide scale or even a county-wide scale…. certainly not a national scale. Too many chiefs with very little Indians.

    The only reason we as a nation have not been taken down in the warlike physical sense, is because our enemies are still haggling over who gets the spoils of this great nation. They don’t want to destroy what we’ve built; they want us to willing give it to them intact, as fully functional as possible.

  4. The women (and pussified males) who retort that “It’s women’s turn” are similarly baffled by the skyrocketing divorce rate since no-fault (80% of which divorces they initiate themselves), the drop-off in any marriages to begin with, and why they’ll be spending their declining years with a roomful of cats, and box wine, as they cry “I can’t find a good man anywhere!”

    Men are finding out they don’t need women, certainly not for anything long-term, and when pushed, will simply exclude wrong-headed women (that would be about 80%, at this point, in the US and the West) from the society they eventually create and sustain.

    Feminism and leftism are yin and yang, and women captured by both are similarly baffled when, having pushed all the alpha men out of their enclaves, they suddenly find the ones they can’t rid themselves of are the actual misogynist criminal rapists and murderers, and there are no men (or nowhere near enough who give a damn) left to put a stop to it. Which gets you every blue hive shithole in the world, in short order.

    Add the lessons of H.G. Wells’ Eloi and Morlochs in The Time Machine, from over 100 years ago, to “books women have never read nor grasped”.

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