Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs

A leaked audio recording reveals two teachers at a recent California Teachers Association (CTA) conference mocking parents over their concerns about homosexual and transgender indoctrination at school, says a source who attended the event in Palm Springs, Calif.

The recording, obtained by The Epoch Times, captured two seventh-grade teachers employed by Buena Vista Middle School in Salinas, Calif., telling other teachers how to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs, also known as “Gay-Straight Alliance” (GSA) clubs, at school.

Murphy attended the teachers union conference in late October. She told The Epoch Times the teachers “mocked” parents for their concerns, and suggested they know better than parents about what’s best for their children.

“They laughed at the parents,” Murphy said.

The sold-out CTA conference, billed as the “2021 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference, Beyond the Binary: Identity & Imagining Possibilities,” was held Oct. 29 to 31.

The CTA has hosted similar “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (SOGI) professional development training for at least the last two years, according to an event notice posted on the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) website, which asks teachers: “Do you have the courage to create a safe environment that fosters bravery to explore sexual orientation, gender identity and expression?”

However, according to Murphy, the conference in Palm Springs appeared to include teachers showing other teachers how to undermine the authority of parents and school administrators and conceal activities related to gender inclusion and sexual orientation from them.

Teachers at the conference also suggested that parents who refuse to call their child by pronouns of the child’s choosing should be arrested and charged with child abuse, Murphy said.

The three classes Murphy attended were designed to recruit middle school students to GSA clubs, she said.

The teachers bragged about spying on students’ online searches and activity as well as eavesdropping on their conversations to identify and recruit sixth-grade students into these LGBTQ clubs whose membership rolls are kept hidden from parents.

“We totally stalked what they were doing on Google,” one of the teachers said.

Reading this is bad.

Seeing parents call out teacher’s unions in person and hear what was done to their children is worse.

Jessica Konen has alleged that school staff indoctrinated her then 12-year-old daughter in an LGBTQ club disguised as an “Equality Club.” She told The Epoch Times she plans to speak at the Dec. 15 meeting at Spreckels Union School District (SUSD) during public comments.

Konen claims that one of the teachers coaxed her daughter to join a lunch-hour “Equality Club” and began affirming her daughter as transgender.

Near the end of sixth grade, Konen’s daughter told her she might be bisexual, and by the middle of the seventh grade, Konen was called to the school for a meeting with her daughter, a teacher, and the school principal.

The teacher told Konen her daughter was “trans fluid.”

Let me be clear, this is not teachers helping troubled kids.

This is perverts and fetishists psychologically manipulating and abusing children.

This is groomer behavior.

For a long time the LGBT community swore up and down they were not child molesters out to get your kids.

As it turns out the activist LGBT community really is out to get your kids and turn them into abused gender-confused sexual playthings.

This is coordinated and orchestrated evil.

California is in desperate need of house cleaning with woodchippers.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I’m going to develop a whole line of high output electric chippers for California parents”
  1. Consider a hand-cranked option, so they’ll still work when Commiefornia no longer has sufficient electric power supplies. Or, consider a steam option–fueled by whatever is handy to burn for heat…. maybe even offer an option where the boiler sits atop an outdoor grilling setup, or over an outdoor fireplace.

  2. Ya know…I was thinkin the party starts with the the msm.
    I was wrong. These Pedophile perverse devient teachers…
    Uh huh. Number One Joe!

    Whats should be done is a complete deprograming and Parent Investigation Every Night when they come home.

    Talk to your damn kids!!!!!

    Kids aint secret keepers

    1. @Chris: “Talk to your damn kids!!!!!”

      Good overall rule. Still, from what I learnd back when they were the BOY Scouts, groomers typically pitch a “this is our special thing” to keep the potential victim quiet.

      On a larger scale, a few years back, aNewton, MA school had a “special” program on alternate sexual activities and they were instructed _not_ to tell their parents about it. Fortunately for the parents, some of the kids told.

  3. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but back when I watched TV (at least 12, probably more like 15 years ago) there was an episode of SVU where at the end Stabler was interviewing the pedo they’d been searching for all episode.

    Pedo goes off on a monologue and ends with something along the lines of “Some day, you’re going to see that people like me outnumber people like you.”

    I don’t remember anything else about the episode, but that *really* stuck with me because it was so….odd. At the time, I thought they were trying to show how delusional the guy was.

    But in the last few years, I’ve started to wonder if it wasn’t a shout-out to the rest of Hollywood.

  4. Why people haven’t simply started capping teachers and administrators anonymously by now for this sort of thing is a mystery for the ages.

    I’m pretty sure after the first 5 or 10 body bags were filled, the message would be received loud and clear.

    And FFS, get your kids out of public/pedo school.

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