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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I’m going to leave this here”
  1. Kinda knew I was getting on the correct side of these bozo’s after their kerfuffle in which they put themselves on the wrong side of the Rittenhouse trial . I said that I did not agree with their position, and there are LOTS of folks who sell coffee. Wiped them for my ‘puter, and they have not seen a red cent from me since.

  2. The BRCC boys really disappointed me. There newspaper interview wasn’t so good, either. I used to support the even though I don’t drink coffee.

    I really enjoyed Mat Best’s humor as well, but I’m done with them.

    BTW, No idea if this is true, but I don’t care, either.

  3. Looked her up. Psycho-slore who did a fat-shaming vidya a year or so ago to ‘drum up biddness’… guess it must be slow this week, and after all, she IS about to hit the wall… I throw the bullshit flag on this… got no love for BRCC, they can suck a dick and hiccup, but this? Nope, not buying anything any of those tards stuff

  4. Show me two or three emails, video, or audio recordings and i will believe.
    You have “receipts?” Show them.

    I have seen too many race hoaxes.

  5. Weeeellllll if she goes after Snoop also does it make it more or less plausible? Trying to parse these things. But it’s in re Rittenhouse that I want to sell my BRCC coffee cup on the cheap.

  6. I’m reading this girl is crazy and has apparently attempted similar stunts with other guys, only to have it blow up in her face. Of course this could be true. I wouldn’t personally say some of that stuff, but I’m also not particularly offended. If I was still ordering their coffee, this wouldn’t stop me. I will say the BRCC guys have made some serious missteps in interviews with the media in recent months and probably needs to stop giving interviews that relate to anything other than coffee.

    By the way, I’ll be shameless and plug Deathwish Coffee, I have grown to love that stuff. Highly recommended!

  7. I have nothing to say about this woman. However, I can whole heartedly recommend Founding Fathers Coffee. They have several types, and 50% of the profits go to Military Families.

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