Because I know if I post it to Twitter, I’ll get banned.

Every single time I see some Hamasnik say something about how the 10/7 attack on Israel doesn’t justify how many Palestinian children have been killed, all I want to do is reply with:


“Nits make lice.”

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I’m going to say it here…”
  1. The retort I’ve heard is that the rapes etc. on 10/7 didn’t really happen. It’s all Joooooo propaganda. This was proven in the NY Times.

    Yes, I’ve been told this directly. (Minus the Jooo. It was ‘Israeli/IDF’ but we all know what that really means)

  2. We’ve been down this road before. Germany in the late 1920’s – 1939. Then all hell broke loose.

  3. The poor kids’ parents chose their fate. I feel as bad for them as I feel for the children who died during WWII Allied bombing campaigns against Germany and Japan.

  4. There’s also the fact that the “numbers” come from Hamas, and it’s obvious they are a lie because Hamas claims that most people killed are women and children. They claim that very few fighting age men are killed.

  5. Pallywood is in full effect here. The number of “innocents” killed by Israel is no where near as bad as they claim.
    But, the war crimes committed on 10/7 are likely less than is reported.
    And, I notice their history starts on 10/8. There is ZERO justification for the events of 10/7. But… Israel is the party that is out of line? That a single individual in Gaza is still drawing breath is demonstratable proof that Israel is not the uncivilized one in the conflict.


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