This Tweet and the responses:

Here is what this thread is saying quite explicitly:

Only ideologically pure Leftist are worthy of the Ivy Leagues.  If someone graduated from one or more of those schools and is not an ideologically pure Leftist  they are stupid and obtained their entrance and degrees dishonestly and with nepotism or corruption.

I’d be inclined to ignore this except that graduates of these institutions have so much sway in our political and economic institutions.

So of they want to admit that the Ivy Leagues are not schools that educate but credentializing institutions for the indoctrination and minting of hard core Leftists then I see no reason for them to exist anymore.

Seize their endowments to pay for vocational degrees for working class kids, turn their dorms into low cost housings, turn their academic buildings into and green spaces into public municipal use areas, open their libraries to the public.

America would be a far better place if no one ever received an Ivy League degree ever again.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I’m going to seize the Ivy League universities endowments and turn their campuses into public parks and low cost housing”
  1. Worked my way through a state university. Got a BS degree, got a job working for a military engineering unit, had a long career, and retired just before everything started turning to shit. If I went to an ivy league shop, I’d probably be flipping burgers now.

  2. I’m more impressed with my dog’s steaming pile of poo than I am with a diploma from an Ivy League University. At least the poo serves a useful function.

  3. I had very similar conversations during “W”‘s term.

    Either the university and it’s programs are so worthless a dummy can get through, even if Daddy pays, or maybe the man isn’t as dumb as you think he is.

    Can’t be both.

  4. It isn’t the education.

    It is the friendships and the contacts you can make. Old Money, Politically Connected, and Driven Strivers, Everyone has a friend that you should hire. You are part of a network. She is Ivy League, she must be bright.

    And the easiest way to blow that is to rock the boat. Express a normal, common thought like “Women are different from Men,” and you will be ostracized and made a pariah; ruining any advantage you will get from spending $50,000-$100,000 a year to attend a four year Eastern Seaboard Social Club.

  5. Fuck those parks and low-cost housing. You want to really piss off the Ivy Leaguers, sell the buildings to private owners. Anything that doesn’t sell level out and turn into subdivisions.

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