More from that Antifa super soldier:


I’m actually surprised that the instructor let him have a refund.

I understand the principle that rights are not partisan.

But I am a white male Republican.  I used to be a landlord.  I voted for Trump in 2020.  I’m a Zionist.

I know exactly what Antifa wants to do to me, which is why I am armed.

This is not rhetorical, I’m going for my NRA instructor certification.

Do I train someone who I know would turn around and use that training against me.

There is a radical armed Left out there.  They are indistinguishable from Boogalooers, except usually covered in Trans flag colors and cat ears.

It’s an incredible overlap of skinny trans-girls and violent gun owning commies.  Apparently when you take a testosterone blocker and can’t do a pushup you buy an AK and call yourself an Antifa soldier.

Yes, they have their Second Amendment rights, but I’m not going to provide any more support to then than my general support for it.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I’m going to side with the instructor”
  1. Antifa thinks that it is assault to have different political opinions or opposing them in any way is the same as assault with intent to kill so not only doing violence but murdering people for having those opinions is justifiable. To someone like her saying “I don’t agree with you politically and will oppose you” is the same as attempted rape and murder so killing you is in her mind justified and should be legal like self defense.

  2. You have a right to free speech, and I support that right. That doesn’t mean that I have to provide you with a printing press or a radio station.
    You have the right to freedom of religion, and I support that. It doesn’t mean that I will build you a church, or attend yours if you build it yourself.
    You have a Second Amendment right. That doesn’t mean I am obligated to teach you to shoot. That goes double for those who have publicly stated that they seek to use those shooting skills to overthrow the government and harm me.

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