Even Orwell didn’t dream this shit up.

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By J. Kb

23 thoughts on “I’m keeping my trucks forever and expect the price of used cars to increase more”
    1. That “fool” is the ‘honorable’ Deborah Dingell of Michigan, former GM lobbyist and wife of 50 year congressman John D. Dingell. She knows this is to allow shutting off the vehicles of the ‘non-essentials’ the next time the State needs to keep people in line. It has nothing to do with DUIs.

    1. Silly peasant, laws are for little people.

      The Chinese don’t need spies. They quite literally own the Democrat party.

      What’s going to happen to China when the United States economy collapses and we can’t import shit from China anymore?

  1. Thing I always wondered- why is drunk driving multiple times NOT a felony??? In this blueassed state operating an unregistered ATV and getting caught 3 times is a FELONY. Operating after suspension 3 times is a FELONY.. but not multiple DUI?? My 2015 Tundra is the last newer trunk I will own…

  2. My uncle (before he passed) had one of those installed on his truck due to multiple DUI’s and accidents. When my aunt drove the truck, she had medical issues where she couldn’t blow hard enough to register on the detector. So she’d have to get someone else to ride with her and periodically blow in the tube for her in order to keep driving. So yes, they can be defeated.

    That said, I have an eight year old 1/2 ton truck that would probably last another 10 years easy, but I really need a 3/4 ton truck for towing. Just ain’t in the budget right now. So probably going make due for the next decade. Then engine rebuild and keep right on using it. I could see driving it another 20 years. Or 30.

  3. So what happens when they make it so you are not allowed to put insurance on a truck unless it has one of these?

  4. There are 3 trucks & an SUV sitting in my driveway. Nothing older than 2010 & the oldest is early ‘70s. The Dear Wife is onboard with these being the vehicles we have for the remainder of our lives & does the majority of the work to keep them up & running.
    People look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them I’d never own a brand new vehicle that can be shut off or disabled remotely either by gov’t decree or because someone with access decides you don’t deserve to drive today. Or a self-driving car that can be rerouted remotely & deliver you wherever “they” want you delivered. No thanks.
    Glad to see that we’re not the only ones who see this type of BS for what it really is.

  5. ISTR there was once a mandate to require the driver’s seatbelt to be closed before the car was allowed to start. However, there were a few cases of women being attacked and not being able to get away because, well, their cars wouldn’t start. So the seat belt on requirement was dropped back to just warning the driver if they don’t have their belt on.

    I can easily imagine this having the same result. Woman trying to escape crazed ex, but has to blow the car before she can get away. Panic — she’s breathing shallowly — makes it impossible to give the car what it wants. She’s caught. Beaten.

    -OR- we leave these devices in the realm they exist now — court ordered for habitual drunks, rather than treating EVERYONE as if they’re guilty of repeatedly driving drunk.

    1. There’s actually a solution to his particular problem that already exists: when threatened do not run – shoot. And keep shooting until the threat ceases. Then, the driver will have plenty of time to fasten a seat belt, blow into a tube, whatever.

      Priorities, man.

      And, should this come to pass I see one of two things happening, maybe both simultaneously – a burgeoning “dark gray market” in back street auto repair to cripple the device, and a population so fed up with continual Leftist bullshit we start eradicating them.

      That said, one DUI / DWI should put one on the Ankle Express for at least a couple years (although it’s been well demonstrated that even after their license has been revoked the drunks will still drive), and a second offense earns a substantial prison term, one measured in years, not months. Maybe even seize that family’s cars and auction them to cover expenses. Not fair to the non-drinking family members? Certainly, but not nearly as unfair as being killed or maimed by a drunk while minding one’s own business. “Sleeping with the enemy” should come with a price.

      Drink to your fill, feel free to sleep it off in the back seat or naked on the trunk lid if you wish, but make the cost of driving drunk prohibitive. Very prohibitive.

      But alchoholism is an illness, you say; yes, it is, but what other illness (other than, perhaps, Leftism) is responsible for a large number of annual deaths? Most prisons offer treatment programs.

      1. I used to have family & friends in Alaska. Unfortunately drunk driving is an unofficial sport in many parts of the state & I no longer have friends or family living there; because of this my views on drunk driving are draconian to say the least & I won’t really go into it here. As a compromise between what I think should happen vs. what actually happens we could look to how DD is treated in parts of Europe & just revoke the license of the DD & confiscate their cars on the first offense. Prison time thereafter, & not some piddling 30 days at county but years at a some hardcore gladiator school. Does it suck for the families of the stupid asshole who keeps getting behind the wheel? Yes. Will the drunk asshole learn? Eventually. Or they’ll end up broke & alone when their family splits. No sympathy. (As an aside, we should treat the “self driving car” assholes [drivers & company execs both] who maim or kill people the exact same way. I didn’t sign any contract with anyone to participate in their beta tests on the public roadways.)

        Drunk driving laws in the US are weak because the people we allow to make & enforce the laws, & those that contribute to their campaigns, are afraid of being hoisted on their own petard. How many stories do you have to see about some politician, judge, cop, lawyer, high profile banker or financier, or dancing money celebutard being stopped for DD before you understand that this is just another example of “rules for thee but not for me” & another way for them to fleece the average Joe financially?

      2. Bravo Sir. Drunkenness is not a disease… it was labeled as such to eliminate personal responsibility. As I said in an earlier comment- make it a felony with jail time as you said, measured in years, and only the hardcore ones will be left… for a while.

    2. Growing up my parents had a car where the seat-belt to be closed before the car was allowed to start. It wasn’t just the driver, the front passenger also had to have the seat-belt closed. It didn’t work very well and you sometimes had to jump on the seat to get it to register. Also if you put a bag of groceries on the front passenger seat you had to buckle it in or you could not start the car. It did not take long for me to discover a connector under the seat that I could unplug to disable the system.

    3. Rob, remember these are victim disarmers. The possibility that a woman might be attacked and raped isn’t something that bothers them.

  6. It only works if they also remove all vehicles built before 2026.

    Which will never happen. The classic car lovers will raise Hell.

    It’s not that different from the notion that stopping all retail gun sales will end “gun violence”. Not unless they can also confiscate the 400-500 million guns already in circulation in the U.S. Which will also never happen. Hell will be raised.

    Coincidentally — last I checked — the number of guns is pretty close to the number of vehicles in circulation in the U.S., creating many of the same logistical nightmares if they choose to proceed. How are they gonna confiscate all of them? Where will they store them? What’s their plan when the two issues collide and an armed car owner says “No,” and means it?

  7. That’s the beauty of trucks. If the frame and body are OK, they can be kept running indefinitely. Witness the number of ancient trucks still rolling.

    You can do that with nearly any car provided you can get the parts.

    I can see two things happening here – first is an aftermarket in custom computers and software. You don’t need to bypass it as much as tell the computer it doesn’t exist.

    The second thing is they won’t sell. I don’t know about you, but I’m not plunking down 30-40K on a playschool-mommy-may-I vehicle. There’s a charity here where I live – cars for kids – they do auctions of beaters and whatnot every Saturday. Plenty of trucks there. You can score on of those, replace the motor (if it even needs it) for a fraction of a new car. Watch what happens to the parts industry. Ever see the movie ‘robots’- the crux of that movie was the big robot corp killing the parts market so the robots had to buy upgrades.

    My guess is this won’t last or won’t even make it into production. You can’t punish the entire market for the sins of a relative few. Besides, it’ll be rayciss in no time flat. Ain’t an old white dude like me that’s gonna get popped.

    How about this? How about the politicians do their fuggin jobs, and pass laws for DUI/DWI like other countries? Get DWI, lose your license, flat out, for life. Drive again you go to jail.

    This is just like the 2nd amendment battles. It’s not the gun, it’s the shooter. Here, it’s not the car, it’s the drunk. Punish the drunk.

    1. But as with guns, it’s easier to blame the thing. That way you don’t need to take a stance against someone’s “lifestyle choice” or “culture.”

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