Two pitbull stories for today:

Azusa dog attack: Dog sitters mauled by pit bulls

A man and his mother are recovering after being mauled by the four pit bulls they were dog sitting.

The man was in the backyard, watching the dogs for his friend, when he was attacked. His mom tried to intervene, but she too was attacked.

“You can tell his body looked a little lifeless, like he couldn’t move. And after you can see his mom coming out with all his knees covered in blood, her legs with bite marks,” said witness Briidiana Gutierrez.

Authorities identify Compton pit bull breeder mauled to death by his own dogs

Authorities Tuesday identified the man suspected of breeding pit bulls that was mauled to death by dogs last week in Compton.

Officials with the sheriff’s office said the mauling was believed to have occurred around 7:30 or 8 p.m. Thursday, and there is surveillance video that depicts at least part of the attack. The investigator said Cooper appeared to have been feeding the dogs when some of them began fighting, leading to his attack.

Investigators said there were 13 dogs total at the home, five of them adult and the others considered puppies ranging in age from four to six months. Los Angeles County Animal Control responded to the residence to remove the pit bulls from the backyard area. Cooper appeared to have been “involved in breeding and selling pit bulls,” according to the county agency.

Pitbulls kill their owner and maul their dog-sitters

Tell me again how pitbulls are a nanny breed.

If I see a pitbull around my family, I’m going to shoot it.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I’m not going to babysit your pitbull, I’m going to shoot it”
  1. Like babysitting a stick of dynamite in one hand and a lit match in the other.

    I’ve seen some really nice looking and gentle at the time pit bulls. I still don’t trust them. It’s a shame, really, but gators are gators and pit bulls are pit bulls.

  2. J.Kb has addressed this subject justifiably, many times over the years, responding as needed to a real problem in society. I have 98% of the time concurred with his analysis and conclusions. Again, I will do so.
    The main problem with pit bulls is a genetic hardwired wild nature which triggers when it interprets actions of anything else as competition. It will kill a newborn baby because it’s feeders-owners don’t have the same amount of time to commit to it anymore. And similarly, it will viciously attack and kill any pet that receive attention first.
    A true Me-First or Die mentality hidden beneath an outer character which looks lovable and invites compassionate interaction. However, nothing can be further from the truth. If it doesn’t receive what it beckons, fury will result.
    Which leads me to address why people buy them as house pets. In all the many breeds I’ve trained, the pit bull produces the most cute, lovable, absolute adorable sounds when being paid attention to or when wanting the owner’s attention. It is this characteristic which misleads the person into believing that a pit bull is gentle and harmless, after all listen to how affectionate it sounds, like a little baby.
    Pitbulls are deceptive in this way. Their true nature is more like that of a meat-eating beast in the wild. You can take a newborn lion home, raise it up to maturity and might never experience any negative interactions. But try feeding another animal before it and see what happens. Omit giving it attention first and instead pay loving attention to another animal first and see what it does. The Pitbull like the lion will lay down and project a dejected and hurt appearance but inside it is planning to end its competition when first chance is provided.
    The average person believes they can persuade this wild nature to become tame and controllable in all instances. This is impossible to accomplish 100% of the time. It might work one day but it will certainly not work on a day when no one is ready—it’s just a matter of time.
    Therefore, if a person wants a Pitbull, they ‘must’ treat it as a man-eating animal. It must be completely controlled at all times. Fences must extend a few feet below the ground and be constructed to eliminate all forms of escape above ground. In most cases electric fencing is essential along the top of the fence to prohibit climbing. I strongly suggest cameras based on the conduct of the dog—you want to know where it selects to attempt a breach. This breed is resourceful and unrelenting.
    In both cases sighted in this post, I am certain that jealousy triggered the event, followed by a pack-frenzy which occurs when the alpha leader is followed into the aggression which was triggered. Like wild meat eaters drawn to the kill or wounded victim. Confusion and chaos occur and is uncontrollable.
    This breed is ideal for totally secured junk yards, businesses, and residences, and if you tend to one or more of them you must have lethal force ready to save your life. In reality you’re play Russian Roulette with four rounds in a six-shooter revolver.
    I have an 18-month-old Kangal which now weighs in at 115 lbs. It is my first Kangal. He acts exactly like a large Pitbull but is more distant, quiet, and subdued. I haven’t decided if he’ll remain alive yet. If he even sees anyone other than me, he attempts to dig through the fencing, hair from his neck to his tail, standing up, producing a low guttural sound which sounds something like a growl. When he reaches the concrete footer, he lays in the hole he made and rests but looks very unhappy and won’t interact with me for a few hours. I have to bribe him with a food source to restore the relationship.
    I have never use corporal punishment with him. Never a mean-spirited tone or act—I don’t condone such training and I’ve never used it. Passive-passive, aggressive tactics are implemented to win over the breed with steady repetitiveness and interaction using a neutral tone at a low volume. Additional time is provided with compliance. Interaction time is the reward. However, with the Kangal I’ve had to add food—bone fragments I’ve made using a bandsaw and hammer. I don’t buy dog treat products. I do use a brand name dry large breed dog food.
    The people who make incarcerated serial murders into millionaires or enter cages in zoos believing they have a loving connection with the beast, have a similar mindset to Pit bull buyers–namely they believe they can tame the wild beast that naturally is able to eat them.

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