Miguel said he won’t be shocked at the antics of the Pride activists in Seattle.

He shared a video of naked cyclists.


They were doing that in front of children.

You can, and I do, blame parents who took their children to that, but that does not absolve the cyclists themselves.  They did this in public to be seen.  If they had shame, when they saw children watching they would have covered up.  They wanted to be seen by children or they would not have done this.

Then there is this:


I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, and Venture Scout.

The only thing ever discussed with Scouts of a sexual nature was our annual training on what do to if an adult tries to molest you.

Now there are Scouts marching with Pride flags.

Marching with Pride flags held higher and more numerous than the American flag.

When I got into politics in college as a College Republican, I honestly believed in gay rights.

My older cousin was gay.  I lived on Miami Beach for a while.

I sincerely believed that the 14th Ammendment granted gays equality under the law, that they should be able to marry and get jobs and housing without being discriminated against.

I signed up for equal rights, not government sanctioned and supported public displays of sexual degeneracy directed at children.

We live in a Banana Republic where there are two sets of laws and clearly the LGBT community can engage in any and all sexual depravity in public around children and get away with it.

If you had a bunch of straight men waggling their penises at children they would be violently arrested and sent to prison.

Gay men in bandage gear doing the same while carrying a Pride flag?  The media will tell you that it’s a good things for children to see it.

The Dobbs decision stated that the Court wasn’t going to revisit gay marriage.

On Friday I thought that was right.

This morning I want them to overturn Obergefell.

I want them to reverse anti-discrimination laws on the basis of sexual orientation.

I look at this and I  want the LGBT community waffle stomped back into the closet.

I want to go back to the bad old days when you couldn’t be out in public.

Then, after sufficient residence time, we can let them back out of the closet on a short leash.

Go ahead and get married.

Go ahead and live normal, middle-class lives, and at night go home to a same-sex spouse and do whatever it is that you do behind closed doors.

Bare your dick to a child in public a have Boy Scouts carry a flag of sexual degeneracy and we will yank your leash so hard so fast it will make your head spin.

Do I sound extreme?

You are damn right I sound extreme.

I didn’t start out this way.  They did this to me.

When I was a Scout, if an adult exposed himself sexually to a Scout, the police got involved.

Now I have to worry that my son in Scouts might be exposed to a cock in public while carrying a Pride flag at a sanctioned event.

Shit like that is what turns me into what I am today.

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By J. Kb

19 thoughts on “I’m not shocked, I’m raging like hell”
  1. Nothing personal , but you helped allow this shit. But but but, doesn’t change that fact. When you allow Evil loose, it does Evil things and here we are. I don’t want it, but only violence or Jesus 2nd coming will stop the demons. Get ready.

  2. In the motorcycle community where I learned to ride, there was a saying, “loud pipes lose rights.” Just a few asses running straight pipes in residential neighborhoods at all hours of the night, were getting all motorcycles banned, even though most riders weren’t doing that and many took pains to be “good neighbors” noise-wise.
    There are some people, I think, who are addicted to being outsiders, beyond-the-norm, whatever phrase you want (Or just like being a**holes.) It’s maybe something analogous to adrenaline junkies. Make what they do “normal and accepted” – e.g. being homosexual and able to get married – and they lose their thrill, and need to go more extremes. Probably feeds back on the attention, positive or negative, they get too. I’d guess not a large fraction of the population, but certainly a highly visible one.
    Just like the loud-pipes crowd, the community needs to fix its own, lest it be done for them and in a way that hurts all of them, rather than denying a thrill to a few.

    1. That’s exactly what it is for many of them, it’s fetishistic thrill seeking behavior, and by doing it in public like this they’re dragging us all into their sexual fetishes. Proponents of it always said the slippery slope was a fallacy but it’s proving true. It’s only getting more extreme, rather than them simply different but otherwise normal.

  3. I do believe we’re reached the “as in the days of Noah…” stage.
    Please prepare for the worst, my friends.

  4. Yup, f-ing disgusting. I knew of a patient who had urological surgery. A side effect is that he might have to void (pee) on short notice, say, behind a dumpster. The surgeon gave him a letter for him to try to avoid an indecent exposure charge. Now this. Sigh.

    Scouts, or whatever they’ll call themselves next, is dead to me. I was a Scout, a leader, and a trainer for many years.

    1. Same here. I was a scout leader and Venture scout leader, as well as an Eagle Scout with multiple palms. My sons are forbidden to join. I’m former Army. My sons are forbidden to join. Sad, really, what the world is coming to.

    2. @Rick: I just watched again (ugh!) and the US flag isn’t being carried properly. I guess that US flag etiquette isn’t being taught in Scouts anymore.

  5. “Boy” scouts got forced into letting girls in… what do you expect?? THIS is what happens when democrats get thier meat hooks into something..

  6. This is no different than the assholes who were showing up at Starbucks with an AR15 slung across their back. It’s no different than the Florida gun rights organization who keeps running around holding open carry fishing events. There are always a few assholes in any group who screw it up for everyone else.

    1. And that behavior even has more moral and legal standing than any of this gay/tranny nonsense, but it’s still not a great idea most of the time.

    2. I agree in part, both groups are attempting to normalize something. The people doing open carry rifles into a local restaurant are attempting to normalize people with guns.

      Trying to get it so that people seeing somebody’s pistol on their hip under their jacket doesn’t cause freak outs.

      They do cause freak outs.

      The people walking down the street with their junk hanging out while children cheer them on are also trying to normalize guys with their junk hanging out.

      I’m able to look at those and say “Normalizing firearm carry is a good thing. Don’t like how they are doing it.” as well as look at the parade of junk and say “Normalizing public display of cocks around children is a bad thing. I don’t like it and I don’t like what they are doing.”

      The reactions might be the same, freakout. The goals might be the same, normalization. I don’t have to agree on the goals being morally equivalent.

      1. Agreed, I don’t think open carry is morally wrong at all, but I think it’s better to be more tactful about it whenever possible. Though sometimes you’re just going to ruffle feathers no matter what.

        1. @Divemedic: True.

          Possibly because carrying long guns out and about seems a bit over the top (unless you’re military). 8>)

  7. As I noted on a previous post. If the gay community does not want to be labeled a bunch of perverts, they need to stop this crap. There is no justification for a nude bike ride in a sanctioned event.
    The organizers of the parade should have put the kibosh on the nudity. It harms their cause.

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