The amount of effort and work that Miguel and J.Kb put into this blog and continue to put into it is just amazing. I’ve tried blogging in the past, it lasted a week or so. Having to find something to write about is an effort. People that do multiple posts per day really are putting in a huge effort.

There are a few blogs that I attempt to read Daily. OldNFO has one. He posts once a day in general. It is always medium to long and worth a read. I read DiveMedics blog multiple times per day. He posts from 0 to 6 posts in a day. I like what he has to say and he does a good job of it. If there is a disagreement it is normally because I got it wrong.

He recently wrote about 13 do 50 which I’m told is “racist!!!” It seems he got called out in the comments so he came back with all the numbers. There went an entire post I was going to write. His is better. He pulled real numbers from real sources.

I also read McThag’s blog. I really wish I could have a collection like he has. He does some really good work.

Of course I read 90 Miles From Tyranny. Most of his postings are “culled from the headlines” but still nice to follow. Joe Huffman has The View From North Central Idaho. He only posts once a day most of the time. Still good read.

I’m also following “Guns and Gadgets” on YouTube as he puts out multiple videos per day about 2A happenings.

In addition to the blogs, I go through my news feeds three or four times a day looking for articles that spark something. Then I take a note and come back to it later to write something.

I write at least one post per day. That post goes out at 0630 Eastern Time. I’ve missed one or two but only because of a software glitch or pushing the wrong buttons. I’d like to be doing two or three in a day.

Here is part of my backlog of links that I marked as “interesting” but might not be any longer:
Newsweek: Lauren Boebert Reportedly Booed by Crowd, Clashes With Debate Moderator
The Boston Globe: At an old mill in Littleton, gun dealers openly defy Maura Healey’s assault weapon decrees
The Hill: Militia records and FOIA obfuscation: FBI edition
Fox News: Migrants bussed to sanctuary city Chicago are promptly shipped off to suburbs
Fox News: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declares emergency over migrant buses from Texas, Arizona
WEAR: Rebekah Jones to stand trial on cyber security charges in January
CNET: Please Stop Calling It the ‘Doomsday Glacier’

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By awa

4 thoughts on “I’m not very good at this…”
  1. The “Littleton “ article was some what interesting- every other sentence was “its easy to buy an “assult weapon” here despite laws”….. I do get tired of the ignorance in “news”. Dumb mfers read that and freak out. Oh well. Mr Awa, keep it up. Yall do an amazin job with this blog. Lots of good info.

  2. Writing is hard work. But both the mechanics and the thought processes behind it, do get easier with practice. Give yourself time, AWA. In this case, at least, I know whereof I type.
    That’s a good blog list for daily checks – sounds very familiar! I would suggest also checking out The Silicon Graybeard and Borepatch. Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training also had some consistently good stuff, including a “weekend knowledge dump” every Friday with a great collection of assorted useful info.
    Thanks again for all you do, AWA!

  3. The Glob (spelled that was on purpose) article was behind a pay wall.
    Does anyone have a link to bypass that? TIA.

    1. Sorry about that. I haven’t paid for access behind any paywalls. Sometimes my phone will display it because google got the content for me. Other times I capture the HTML and stop the Javascript from running, allowing me to read the content directly. For the most part I do attempt to avoid articles that are behind paywalls.

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