Your state Supreme Court hates you and cheats.

Monday evening, PST, the trial court enjoined the unconstitutional magazine ban. As the judge wrote, you don’t use a magazine to spread butter, it is an arm.

The 2A community jumped into action. Since it was after hours, LGS (Local Gun Stores) opened up and the people flocked to buy magazines.

As a song put it, “The joint was jumping.”

Less than an hour and a half after the injunction was granted, a commissioner at the state Supreme Court issued a stay.

Here’s the thing, that commissioner did not have time to read the injunction before he stayed it.

Since this is in the state court system, I do not have good visibility into it. I’ve not read the injunction, nor have I read the stay. All of this is from my feeds.

At least the people of California got a full two weeks of freedom. The state of Washington didn’t even get a full two hours.

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