The last time a bunch of White people developed their own racial identity they conquered half of Europe and engaged in the systematic mass murder of 12 million people.

Roughly 60% of this country is non-Hispanic White, there are roughly 331 million people, meaning there are just shy of 200 million non-Hispanic White Americans.  If you manage to get 50% of them to feel guilty about being white and become obsequious to you, that leaves almost 100 million non-Hispanic White Americans who have become racialized and do not like you.

Do not do this in the United States, it will end very, very badly for everyone.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I’m telling you, don’t do this, it’s a very bad idea.”
  1. And on a guess, the half that would refuse to be ashamed of the color of their skin, have more than half of the guns.

  2. I don’t understand the plea here.

    The last time the whites in the USA split their ways, one side elected Abraham Lincoln. The other whites left the Union. A civil war commenced and hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, died.

  3. I’m tired of this, bring it on, morons. White men have shown, when you finally piss us off, we are the most formidable killing machine the world has ever seen. Keep it up, we’ll show you.

    1. I can’t fault your sentiments, though I am flat freaking terrified of what will happen when the balloon goes up.

      A hundred Sarajevos. That’s what we’re facing at this rate.

  4. The woke always talk about “White people” but they never, ever, define the term… Until someone can provide me with an objective, empirical, and falsifiable definition of what a “White race” is, I will continue to refuse to accept that it is real.

    This applies to each an every other “race” that they insist on dividing the species into.

    “Race” belongs in the same dustbin of pseudoscience nonsense as Flat Earth and Astrology.

    1. Yeah… old-school white supremacists would never allow me in their club on account of my Jewish grandma. And some of my other ancestors would be considered barely-white.
      Now we have the new generation of white supremacists, proclaiming that the lowliest, dirt-poor, meth-addled redneck is so awesome that his mere existence keeps the likes of Barack Obama in a permanent state of hopeless oppression.

    2. St. Barak of Martha’s Vineyard, is by his own admission half white and lives in one of the whitest places in the country. Does his white half need to understand his “whiteness” and his white privilege?

  5. Divide and Rule is an old tactic. Set one group against the other, then play referee as a means of keeping power.
    Or so goes the theory. It tends to fall apart after a while.

  6. Yes, doing this would end badly. But given how long and how hard it has been pushed, at this point the only credible hypothesis is: that is the goal.

    If you recognize it for the communist propaganda that it is, the purpose becomes obvious: the destruction of the USA to allow for the victory of the ChiCom government (and, to some extent, its Russian allies such as KGB killer Putin).

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