Pro-abortion heathens want to attack mothers at church on mother’s day.

Because that will somehow convince people to support their side?

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I’m up for a little Deus Vult this weekend”
  1. *facepalm*

    Oh yeah, that’ll convince people. Harass churchgoers by screaming and waving signs about how it’s your right to get scraped out because you can’t figure out how birth control works.

    It’s like they pick the exact wrong tack to garner sympathy and instead wind up generating MORE antipathy.

  2. There are two things I think could trigger a civil war — interfering with kids and interfering with religion. The left seems intent on doing both.

    1. You forgot an important 3rd trigger: messing with elections.

      Points 1 and 2 can be protected by voting the right people into office. What happens when you convince one side of the political divide that voting doesn’t determine the outcome or that their vote doesn’t count? Nothing is more dangerous than half the country thinking the election wasn’t fair.

      We came pretty close in 2020.

  3. We have at least two armed in church every weekend. An attack on the congregation will not turn out as they expect.

  4. I’m not getting what the value is with pissing off Catholics, and simply affirming we are in the right.

    We have fruitcakes and moonbats show up from time to time. They are politely (more often than not) told that they cannot cross from the sidewalk onto the property with their silliness. Then 5-0 shows up and shoos them away.

    On Mother’s Day? Man, their ability to be gauche and idiotic knows no bounds.

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