No, dipshit.  I’m pretty sure hating racism is widely accepted.

What isn’t accepted is the idea that tax cuts are racist, gun rights are racist, all Trump supporters are racist, and all white people are racist.

The “everything I don’t like is racist” argument just a way of these people hating everyone they disagree with and not having to address the legitimate criticisms.

This may not be his dumbest Tweet, but it has to be in the top ten.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “In the running for dumbest Hogg Tweet”
  1. Re: the “gun rights is racist” link. I had this conversation with MikeB when he still ran his blog. Somebody said the word “thug” and MikeB said, “that’s racist!”, to which I replied that thug is a racially ambiguous term. He said the same thing the author of this link said- that thug means a black man. So let me get this straight, we say thug (which to me means violent criminal), you automatically picture a black man, and then you call us racist… wow.

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