In what universe is this going to end well?

The chances of her supporters bumping into a Cabinet member are pretty low, but the desire to be assholes will remain pumped. So they will go after anybody that they think fits the bill and will behave in a manner that will eventually create a violent response.

The goal? Little Ole Maxine will them come out in front of the cameras to lament the inbred violence of the Republicans and how we need to get rid of them and the toxic President in the White House. She wants he supporters to go poke people because she does not have the gumption of doing so herself.

There is going to be a problem with that. Only the few truly fanatical will give the stalkers a pass when retribution happens. Most people will either support the incoming payback or do not care about broken bones and split heads that will occur when somebody gets harassed by a mob and decides he will not be polite. And worse of all, nobody will give a shit about the harassers waving the Victim Card and more likely will tell the to shove it up their collective arses.

On a related note, unchecked mobs of fanatics coming at you because they do not like what you represent, make a very compelling case of magazine capacity above the 7 to 10 rounds.

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