This is tantamount to hanging a Swastika and a picture of Hitler on the wall.

I have met people who were in LA Cabana.

I have heard first hand accounts of the Cuban Revolution.

If I visited my son’s classroom and that was on the wall I would set it on fire.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “In which I would get arrested on parent-teacher night”
  1. “…I would set it on fire.”

    Are we, hypothetically of course, talking about the flag, the classroom, the teacher,.or the school administration for allowing it?

  2. All it takes for evil to succeed is good men do nothing. We the People have to continue to stand up
    Im aweful glad I dont have kids in school…the school is too heh 😈

  3. That reminds me of one of the candidates for mayor — was it Portland or Seattle? The one who was so far to the left that the incumbent moron won because of being the obviously less insane choice?
    It occurred to me a wonderful way to describe her — it was made clear by her choice in clothing while out campaigning — is “she keeps a communist terrorist between her legs”. 🙂

    1. Portland, in the primary. She was such a wack job that the floundering nebbish Ted Wheeler was reelected. The governor’s race will be interesting. Kate Brown has generated massive hate but is term limited out. Also Kristol was disqualified and the Republicans may have a strong candidate.

  4. Pkoning,

    The one who was so far to the left that the incumbent moron won because of being the obviously less insane choice?

    That describes way too many Blue City Elections. The Minneapolis Republican Party is so demoralized that they did not even put up a candidate for mayor or most city council seats. They could not even find enough sacrificial goats.

    Add in Rank Choice Voting. It may take people’s 4th and 5th choices, but a hard core Leftist is bound to win. just the way they planned when they foisted it on us.

    1. If the R party is so devoid of balls that they aren’t willing to put up candidates, they should just close up shop since they don’t deserve to exist (they don’t really exist, in fact). Heck, I once spent some time running for state House as a Libertarian candidate, knowing full well I was going to get fewer votes than an R candidate in Boston. But I spent a few hours, answered some reporter questions, and filled out an NRA questionnaire. (Got an “A” rating out of that.) Result: 11%, for an expenditure of $0 and maybe 8 hours total.
      If your local R party is as nonexistent as the ones rd describes, just fill out the form and be a candidate. It’s easy to do and with a minimal effort you make things better.

      1. What’s the point? They have no chance, they KNOW they have no chance. Their chance of defeat is-exactly-100%. Why bother, why waste the time and effort…especially since, in the current climate, they (or their family) may face retaliation for WRONGTHINK?

  5. The Che Guevara flag is bad enough, but I’m interested in the black flag to the right of it.

    What kind of flag is that, I wonder?

    (I don’t believe it’s the “jihad” flag, but there are plenty of other terrible options.)

  6. My high school Spanish teacher ca. 1968, was a Cuban refugee. I suspect he would use the Che flag to strangle the teacher, then set the flag and teacher on fire. He made no secret that he HATED the Castro regime.

    1. Why strangle the teacher?
      You would rob him/her of the experience, and the life lesson?
      And add an unnecessary extra step to the process.
      See below.
      Gives a whole new meaning to Hot For Teacher.

  7. If I visited my son’s classroom and that was on the wall I would set it on fire.

    You would do no such thing.
    Until you wrapped that flag around the offending teacher first.
    Pour encourager les autres.
    It’s a school.
    Teaching lessons is always in order.
    Especially in realpolitik.

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