#PublixDieIn: A media masturbation fest for David “Junior Goebbels” Hogg.

This is the picture doing the rounds and identifying Hogg’s Publix Die In.
Not quite the emotive and inspirational thing possible. The “advocates” end up being considered a spill that needs to be cleaned up in the refrigerated section as they are ignored by the shoppers.


But God! Little Hogg must have creamed in his Huggies Pull Up diapers with all the attention from the media.

Hogg is the one in the middle with orange t-shirt. And megaphone? Because he needed to address the thousands and thousand of admirers in mobbing the Fruit and Vegetable sections of that Publix.

And since Hogg’s stunt is now responsible for Publix stopping all contributions to political causes like LGQBT and Planned Parenthood, I am sure he is not quite a darling among the hardcore base of the Democrats. You could say that Hogg can now be labeled as Homophobic and Anti-Abortionist.


PS: The “Die Ins” were pretty much in life support after the Vietnam War and died miserably when the Berlin Wall fell.

Greetings Professor Falken: School shootings as video games.

Let’s get one thing very clear: The safety project called Gun Free Schools is a pathetic failure. This insane mania of keeping it in place because we need to let a political side win is not only stupid but criminal.

We have a Gun Free Zone. It is not hardened. If  a student decides that for whatever reason, he needs to deal with issues he may have by spraying his fellow students with gunfire, killing will ensue till the shooter dies or surrenders. Political bullshit comes about, sometime useless solutions are implemented and the Kill People In School Video Game 5.0 is reset for the next player without any changes.

Right now, another player is preparing to take his turn at the controls. He may choose to attempt what previous players did or do variations in the theme.  But he knows the game is the same: A soft target that can provide a high score and notoriety. Level One is always there, easy for the picking because the “software engineers”will not change the design.

We need to change that. We need to show the future “gamer/killers” that they will have no chance, that they will not make a pile of bodies, that they will never be successful and notorious killers. We need to introduce so many deadly variables that the game of killing High School students is no longer appealing.  That if they invade the sacred location, they will not know where danger will pop from and that it will kill him as sure as shit. That they will fail and that they will be known as the poor dumbshits that got perforated by an underpaid teacher or school cook or the 60-year-old Janitor. The shame of imagining that you,  Super Killer was taken out by some shmoo  before you could display all your awesomeness will be too hard to digest and there is only one way to avoid it.

“A strange game.”

Till we make school shooting embarrassing failures for both the Shooters and the Political Leeches that make money and fame out of them, we will continue to have more bodies pile up in classrooms.


Private companies, Public Figures, Politics and Political Donations

Publix donating directly to Putnam (Whom I suspect he might be another Scott) was a dumb move advertising-wise. On the other hand, that much money seems to indicate that the Republican is considered the hands down favorite for the governorship of Florida. Publix does not make many dumb mistakes.

My position is that if you have a lot to lose, like 30% of your clientele and you are running a 3%-5% profit, you are better off not placing the name of the company up front and center where can be attacked for taking a position.

Politics is fleeting. What looks cool today is anathema  next year. If you are an artist, your risk of ending up in a Reality-TV show next to Gary Busey will increase for taking a political side.

Be smart, let others do the political fight and you be smart about contributions.

Feel Good News of the Day: SWATter get charged with Manslaughter

Via Borepatch.

I had written about the killing of Andrew Finch but the quick summary is this: Some online gamers got mad at another plater and contacted a third asshole who specialized in Swatting people for a fee. The “expert” made a fake 911 call to the wrong address and police ended up shooting Andrew Finch who not only had nothing to do with the online game, he was not even into games. The investigation ledt to the culprits, including one Tyler Raj Barriss (the “expert SWATter”) who basically said he did not feel remorse for his actions.

A Los Angeles man accused of making a hoax phone call that led to the death of an innocent man in Wichita, Kansas, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. 25-year-old Tyler Barriss was arrested in Los Angeles late last month, and authorities there extradited him to Kansas. He made his first appearance in a Kansas courtroom on Friday, court records show.
Authorities believe that Barriss made a hoax phone call that sent police to the home of an innocent man, Andrew Finch, on December 28. Finch opened the door with his hands up. But when he briefly lowered his hands toward his waistband, a police officer shot him, believing that Finch could be reaching for a gun.
The incident appears to have originated with an online feud over a $1.50 Call of Duty bet. One of the parties to that dispute reportedly approached online user SWAuTistic, who had a reputation for initiating “swatting” pranks against online gamers. SWAuTistic called the Wichita police, pretending to be a deranged man who had already shot his father and threatened to shoot other members of his family.

Suspect in deadly Kansas “swatting” hoax charged with manslaughter

Barris can face up to 11 years in prison, not enough in my opinion. At least it may serve as deterrent for future idiots to think twice about being whiny losers .

If you feel like reading the whole indictment, just follow the link.