Gateway Pundit: Photos=> Student School Massacre Survivors and CBS Reporter Party Like Rock Stars

Shocking photos posted to Twitter of a CBS News reporter and students who survived last Wednesday’s high school massacre in Parkland, Florida that killed seventeen students and faculty, show the reporter and students laughing uproariously and posing for the photos like they are partying rock stars.

These photos were taken over the weekend on the set of an interview taped for broadcast Monday morning. This means the students were only three or four days out from surviving a massacre in their school. In just a few days they have become celebrated heroes of the anti-Trump resistance and are acting and being feted like rock stars.

Student School Massacre Survivors and CBS Reporter Party Like Rock Stars

I am sure that is how they process their pain and stuff.

Florida Gun Center responds.

In a previous post, I wrote about an acquaintance supporting legislation for the sales of rifles to only those 21 and over as it was done in a  gun store he used to work for. An employee of the same store also jumped into the fray so I contacted the store and asked them about it.

Here is the screen caps.

Click to enlarge.

Good for them to give a prompt and complete answer.

I have no problem with their internal policies as long as they are within the law. I may disagree with not selling to people under 21, but I respect their wishes as it is their hard-earned business.



Dear Mr Greene.

It seems  reader J Greene was not pleased with my take on Scott-Dani Pappalardo‘s Virtue Signaling.

“How impressive that you care so much about the law to point out this trivial point,”

The manufacture of a Short Barrel Rifle without the proper tax stamp by ATF is trivial? Tell you want? Why don’t you do the same and tell you local ATF agent what you did so he can explain how trivial is going to prison for 10 years.

“as well as exposing your most idiotic nature, as it is clear that you are morally inferior.”

It is always warming to see the intellectual Superiors caring for us, poor Unerwünschte Personen.

“And for all you know (which is evidently not much except for your cutting and pasting ability), Pappalardo could have destroyed it further later.”

Here is the thing Oh My Intellectual and Moral “Superior”: It does not matter what he did after, he still cut the barrel of a legal rifle to a length under 16 inches without the proper tax stamp. The existence of that rifle in that configuration even for a second is a violation of the law.
In order to properly dispose of a gun, he should have stopped by the ATF site where he could have learned that to destroy the firearm, he needed to cut the receiver (which is the serialized part and considered gun) in such manner that a repair would be impossible.

“Meanwhile, rather than spending your time trying to ridiculously expose people who show concern for others,

Breaking Federal Firearm Laws in Youtube is a strange way to show concern. But what do I know, you guys are SUPERIOR and above the law!


“how about trying to doing some good for humanity yourself or at least just get a life, for God’s sake?”

Doing plenty of that sir. In fact, I hope the post before and this one serve to others as guideline not to break Federal Firearms Laws that would take them away for up to a decade and leave the families broke after the fines are paid.

See? I spent some time trying to keep people out of the Fed Pokey which probably is a lot  more than you have done today.

Embarrassing both of you was simply nice creamy and cold cheesecake desert. No cherries on top needed.

When you see an acquaintance become a Fudd.

He is not alone in the knee-weak crap. I have seen some alleged Republicans and “conservatives” in Twitter actually calling for similar shit. That is when I have to remind myself that NeverTrumpers and the GOP still hate Trump with all its might and politicians are really pond-scum-sucking animal.

PS: In the same thread, a current employee is now supporting the same idea. I contracted Florida Gun Center asking them if they will also be supporting a federally mandated raise in the age to buy a rifle.

I will wait for their answer.

Jennifer Rubin asks a stupid question.

This is the quality of people who work for a Newspaper: Incapable of doing a wee bit of search in Google.

So, who is this “mocker”?

Conservative blogger at the WaPo? That reminds me of a woman I knew who would only have anal sex because she believed she was not actually cancelling her virginal status by taking it up the ass.

A sidearm versus a rifle? Agree that it is not the most advantageous confrontation possible, but if it is the only thing you have, you use it. There is an immutable principle: Nobody likes to get shot. And that includes with pistol rounds.

Now, if Ms. Rubin had bothered to check on previous attempts of Mass Murders, she would have found the incident at New Life Church where Jeanne Assam placed a 9 mm round in the body of a man armed with a semi auto AK-47 clone who ended up eating the barrel of his own sidearm. And then we have the Clackamas Town Center shooting where Nick Meli aimed his Glock 22 pistol in .40 S&W against an idiot with an AR-15 who decided to end his short-lived spree by killing himself. Or the Tacoma Mall shooting when a young criminal with a Chinese variant of an AK stopped his shooting when confronted by Brendan (Dan) McKown and his CZ 9mm pistol.

But why then Ms. Rubin did not search? Continuing with my “done giving the benefit of the doubt” policy, I think she is purposely lying to be in with the cool kids who are now screaming gun control.

And by the way, I do believe a teacher  bringing a rifle to school is good policy.

Israel does it and they pretty much eliminated school shootings.

Armed Liberal Virtue Signals himself into a Federal Felony

Scott-Dani Pappalardo tried to give us a shovel full of Moral Superiority and ended up breaking Federal Firearm Laws by creating a Short Barrel Rifle without the proper NFA Tax Stamp.

I cued the video to the important part bypassing almost four minutes of Virtue Signaling and self-aggrandizing bullshit:

From the ATF site:


Section 15.1 NFA.

15.1.1 Criminal. The acts prohibited by the NFA and prosecutable as Federal offenses are listed in 26 U.S.C. 5861(a) through (l). As provided by 26 U.S.C. 5871, any person who commits an offense shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 10 years or fined. Although the fine specified in the statute is an amount not exceeding $10,000, an amendment to Federal law provides for a fine of not more than $250,000 in the case of an individual or $500,000 in the case of an organization.224

15.1.2 Forfeiture. Any firearm involved in any violation of the NFA is subject to seizure and forfeiture.225

15.1.3 Assessment of NFA tax. ATF may assess tax liabilities under the NFA, including penalties and interest, as provided by the Internal Revenue Code.226

In all according with The Gun Trust Lawyer Blog, “This means you could be looking at a maximum of 15 years in Jail and $510,000 in penalties for a violation.”

And this is why is so important not to let Liberals dictate gun laws: They are too stupid to follow them and they only make a mess criminalizing people who do not need to be criminalized.

Will Scott-Dani Pappalardo be prosecuted to the extent of the Federal Law? I hope so. Is that mean? Nope, his side is wishing us death or at least a vacation in Guantanamo because they consider us domestic Terrorists. 

You committed a gun crime? Be truthful to your convictions and accept wearing Federal Orange Rompers for 10 years.