We Demand Gasoline Control!

A casino in Monterrey was set on fire while people were still inside. Apparently it is the work of the Cartels and so far some 53 victims have been recovered.

We demand stricter gasoline control in this country. With our love for gas guzzling vehicles, we are inciting this kinds of crimes in Mexico. If we were not a country thirsty for gasoline, Mexicans would not be drilling for oil and selling it to us but instead would be riding around in eco-friendly donkey carts.  I blame NASCAR for this awful mass murder.

It does sound stupid, right? But somehow and for some idiots in our Administration the same idiocy applied to guns makes all the sense in the world.

Go figure.

When they came for (fill the blank, you are next).

Now it appears to be the turn of Luthiers. Gibson Guitars was raided by the Feds for allegedly buying wood that might have not come from environmentally-approved sources even though Gibson had no reason to suspect otherwise.

Outrage ensues obviously; I mean, this is the US of A damn it! Innocent until Proven Guilty? Nope, in “special” cases do not apply. Antique instruments built prior to this stupid law? Only if you can prove it is not regulated under the new rules; Burden of Proof now resides with you. And if you cannot prove it, you go to jail, pay the fine and that gorgeous Steinway grand piano built in the 19th century with Ivory keys will be destroyed. Does the thought of Government agents driving a steamroller over classic guitar, violins and other instruments make you sick to your stomach?

Welcome to our reality in the Gun Culture.

Jersey Shore Syndrome is spreading…

I caught this tweet by Alan Gura yesterday and I am a bit surprised about the childish tone of it.

The whole bad blood started because one (1) article in NRA’s First Freedom where apparently not enough laurels were tossed to Alan Gura for the Heller decision. Apparently Gura’s ego could not take it and things escalated after that to the point it is open season (again) on the NRA and people on the side of the Second Amendment are sounding like the Brady bunch .

The NRA has played it cool and stayed away from the antics. Unfortunately this has only encouraged Gura and others to actually say stupid stuff like that tweet. Alan, you did great with SCOTUS, but you did not do all the work and neither did SAF. The NRA laid the field for you and had been working on that field for many years. It was the NRA that got people to vote for Pro-Gun members of the Senate under a Pro-Gun president who gave you Justice Roberts and Justice Alito ensuring a Supreme Court that would rule in your favor.

Because I do not care how good you are, you wouldn’t had a chance in hell with President Gore, a Democrat-majority Senate and Liberal Supreme Court Justices.

If I wanna see prima donas throwing temper tantrums there is always Bridezilla on TV. All of us are working towards the same goal, if we cannot be nice to each other, let’s be mute.

We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin

CSGV: It is bad when your own people correct you.

Newest and latest from CSGV.

This one called my attention immediately. Why is Craig Hexman so anxious in correcting dear Ladd? This is the same Hexman who accused a gun blogger of Child Abuse wanted to call Children and Family services because said blogger was teaching his 2 year old to eat peas.

So I clicked on the article mentioned on the first post and instead of finding a lurid tale of murder by a homicidal CCW maniac, instead we find a tragic story of a possible negligent discharge. But aparently by law in Pennsylvania, the coroner can only rule it homicide.

Even though her death has been ruled a homicide, Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner says the findings won’t have an effect on his decision to file charges. He’s waiting for the state police to finish their death investigation before he makes that call

But Ladd being the vulture he is, could not rad through the whole article and dove directly for the corpse of the victim, a moving so appalling that even one of his most faithful followers could not stomach and had to step in.

And now the countdown for this thread to disappear begins.