More Leftist terrorism support – Beto edition

Miguel and I covered how Smash Racism DC harassed Ted and Heidi Cruz out of an Italian restaurant in DC the other  night.

Cruz’s electoral opponent, Beto O’Rourke, acted like a decent human being on Twitter in response.

Beto is an anti-gun jagoff who wants to try and ban AR-15’s, but I have to give credit where credit is deserved.

He’s Lefty supporters turned on him.

Harassment is justified if it helps you win, a.k.a., the ends justify the means.

“I don’t fully understand policy, the law, or the situation, but I’m mad about it so I’m going to harass a public official whenever he is in public.”

Physical harm?  Financial distress?  This is in the logic of “everything that hurts my feelings is violence” we saw from the college campus protests.

Let me be clear here: not taking care of people cradle to grave is not physical harm and financial distress.

But what we saw at the restaurant was more than rudeness.  There where threats in between the nonsensical mantra of “we believe survivors.”

“I support terrorism.  If he doesn’t do what I want him to, I’m going to make him suffer.”


“Cruz’s policies hurt my feelings so it’s okay to scream in his face, scare his wife, and threaten to hurt him.”

“Kill the conservative.”

This is all the logic of terrorists.  They disagree with policies Cruz supports, sometimes those policies even hurt their feelings.  So they thing it is justified to intimidate and threaten Cruz and his wife.

They twist facts and logic to justify their hatred and blood lust.

There is absolutely nothing that separates these people morally from the Brown Shirts or Black Shirts or any other group of totalitarian thugs.

They are happy to use violence to get their way.

Right now they are just screaming and threatening.

Steve Scalize was shot on a baseball diamond.

What happens when one of these assholes, decides to bring a gun or a knife with them just in case Cruz or some other Republican calmly walks away instead of capitulating to their demands?



Terrorist supporting meme against Kavanaugh

I saw this meme floating around the internet yesterday:


Do you actually still believe that I respect women at all, especially since I have willing decided to continue to put my wife & daughters through all of this shit!  This job & making abortion illegal again is way more important to my supreme leader (Trump) than my own family!

That is a terrorist meme.

Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters have been subject to grotesque death threats.

In addition, they’ve had to sit and watch a man they love have his reputation destroyed with baseless accusations.

It must be horrible for them.

But it wasn’t Judge Kavanaugh that was doing this, it was the Democrats and racial Left doing that.  They are the ones putting Kavanaugh through all sorts of hell to get him voted down or quit.

This meme is literally saying:

We are going to criticize you for not respecting women because you will not capitulate to our unprecedented and disgusting terrorism of your wife and daughters.”

This is the logic of the radical Left.  Their attacks on the women in Kavanaugh’s life are not disrespecting women.  Kavanaugh not tucking tail and running when the women is his life are attacked is disrespecting women.

This is pure evil.

A question for the moderates

I have a multi mart question for moderate democrats, independents, and anybody else who is not a Trump supporter – and might even be left of center – but is not a raging SJW.

I know that not a lot of people like that probably read this blog, but I assume many readers have friends or family who do fall into the demographic described above.

If readers would be so kind to ask this question or send the link to this post to their moderate cohorts, I’d like to know the answer to this question.


I was clearly not a Trump supporter during the election.  Faithful readers know how much I criticized him.

Since his inauguration I have supported him when he does good things and have criticized him when he has done bad things.

The thing I think he deserves the most praise for is his choice in Supreme Court nominees.  He could have picked crazies or activists but he didn’t.  He has picked people with rock solid Constitutionalist conservative histories.  People with impeccable qualifications.  People well respected in the Judicial community.


Regardless of how you feel about Trump, what do you feel about the way the Senate Democrats have acted during the Kavanaugh confirmation process?

How do you feel about the Democrats’ throwing out the presumption of innocence?  Pushing the idea that women must be believed and men must be assumed to be guilty because of their respective sexes?

Yes, I know this is not a criminal hearing, it is “job interview” but do you like this standard being raised – where uncorroborated accusations, even refuted by witnesses, is enough to permanently destroy a man’ reputation and life.

Make no mistake about it, if Kavanaugh is not confirmed to SCOUTS, he’s out of the Federal Judiciary.  He’s done in public life.

Do you fear for yourself or your husbands, brothers, and sons that under this new standard they too might have their careers and livelihoods ruined by the most spurious of accusations?

I’m not asking if you are going to vote Republican next election, but can you continue to support Senate Democrats watching this unfold?

Rule Four: Be aware of your target and what’s behind it.

This is a sad case.

MONTE CRISTO, Rich County — A 14-year-old boy riding in his family’s car during an afternoon drive was shot and killed Sunday by nearby target shooters who apparently weren’t aware of their backstop.
The boy, identified by family as Zackary Kempke, of North Ogden, was riding with his father, mother and a young girl on a dirt road in a remote area of the Monte Cristo range about 3 p.m. when Zackary, who was in the back seat, was shot in the head, police said. He died immediately.
The shot was determined to have come from another family that was target shooting several hundred feet away, Rich County Sheriff Dale Stacey said.
According to the target shooter and several other witnesses, “They did not know there was a road downrange and could not see the vehicle as it traveled on the road due to thick brush and trees,” a statement from the sheriff’s office reported.

Utah teen riding in car shot, killed by nearby target shooters.

Even though accidental shootings are at an all time low, we cannot give ourselves a break: Be dogmatic when it comes to Gun Safety.

If you don’t see a point of impact kicking up dirt, you may want to double-check.

“You are morally, fiscally and legally responsible for the terminal resting place of every bullet you shoot.”
Randy Cain.


Fair Weather Gun People: Jesse James.

Let’s face it: Nobody took Jesse James seriously when it came to firearms. He was never a builder but somebody with an expensive beddazler kit decorating guns. His silencer always made me laugh because it reminded me of a sweet potato rather than something that goes in front of a rifle.

And Jesse obviously has a problem with making the right decision or even the smart one. Dumping Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart for a woman who looked like she was expelled from a sailor’s whorehouse did little to ingratiate him with the public.

His last one? This idiocy.

I will guess he has seen all the negative press about guns/NRA and decided to play it safe by pretending to be for “common sense gun reforms.”  I ma thinking he was not much of a gun guy way back during the Clinton years and the AWB when the words “restricted military government law enforcement only” became a direct insult to US Citizens.

So dear Jesse, fuck you very much and go modify Vespas now.

Abolish ICE: So many murdered in Mexico that they need refirgerated trailer.


“It was a smell of death,” recalled Alejandro Espinosa, a hospital maintenance worker who lives nearby.

The truck was discovered by the public in the dilapidated neighbourhood of Paseos del Valle on the outskirts of Guadalajara.
A crowd quickly gathered, and when the truck became stuck in the mud, several youths pushed past the police and forced open the trailer doors.
Inside were scores of human bodies, wrapped in garbage bags, bound with duct tape and piled haphazardly on top of each other.
Local authorities eventually confirmed that 273 corpses had been dumped in the trailer after the relentless pace of violent crime left the local morgue without any space for new arrivals. For nearly two weeks, the truck had been drifting around the suburban hinterland of Mexico’s second city.

‘A smell of death’: Mexico’s truck of corpses highlights drug war crisis

Yup, since our borders have magic powers, the Mexican drug Cartel and its minions will not misbehave and the promise nothing like that will happen here. And you still have to wonder if the idiots wanting to abolish ICE are being paid by the cartels or are doing the shit for free.