And that is precisely why we own guns.

“It’s beyond time to declare the NRA as a Terrorist organization and arrest all active members as potential terrorists.”

That was Brian Dzyak, Brady fan and Hollywood Movie Cinematographer who has had no problems making money from movies that have guns and gun violence. He has no trouble also with mass arrests of innocent people. And that is because it is for a good cause: His false sense of safety. Well, Brian, before you go all giddy re-opening Manzanar Spa & Resort, we in the Gun Culture may have two words to say about the forced “vacation” you desire for us. And say it quite loudly.


Pentagon threatens ex-Navy SEAL over book on bin Laden raid – U.S. News

“We’ve got to get serious about leaks of classified information,” a senior Defense official told NBC News. “As unpalatable as it may seem to go after this Navy SEAL, if we do nothing there is no deterrence, nothing to prevent others from doing the same.”

via Pentagon threatens ex-Navy SEAL over book on bin Laden raid – U.S. News.

So does that mean White House will soon be raided by a DOD SWAT team, the person that has been leaking classified information put in cuffs and carted away to the nearest Federal Detention site?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

So I ordered the book.

And that is how it works…..

If you behave like a “Richard” don’t expect sympathy from me.

NASHVILLE (AP) — A federal appeals court has ruled a ranger did not violate the rights of a man who wore camouflage and carried an AK-47-style pistol with loaded 30-round clip in a Nashville park.

Brentwood resident Leonard Embody sued Ranger Steve Ward for detaining him at the Radnor Lake State Natural area while Ward determined whether the gun was legal and whether Embody had a permit for it.

Tennessee law allows guns with barrels of less than 12 inches in state parks. Embody’s gun was a half inch under the limit.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled against Embody today, concluding that Ward’s actions were reasonable.

The court writes that, “having worked hard to appear suspicious” Embody cannot cry foul after park rangers took the bait.

via Man who carried AK-47 pistol in Tennessee park loses appeal | The Jackson Sun |

Mr. Embody is an idiot. Correction, he is a selfish idiot with the ego of a decaying rockstar and the brains of a Beiber fan.  People like him are the biggest threat States without Open Carry face when trying to pass legislation favoring that stance.

Florida is about to start again the fight for Open Carry. Our opponents will loudly say that the law will be a danger to the community because will allow irresponsible people to carry AK 47s in the street…and we will have to take it up the medial rectum because one moron in Tennessee felt he had to prove something to his diminished ego.

And yes, he had the right to carry his Draco but no, he did not have the right to screw it up for the rest of us. No, he is not a fighter for the Second Amendment cause, if he was basic logic would indicate that his actions would be used  as media ammunition against gun owners and, in case somebody still have not noticed, traditional media remains staunchly anti-gun. Mr. Embody’s inability to see past his need for 15 minutes of fame makes him more of a CSGV loon than anything else. You Do Not Give Ammo To The Enemy!

Mr. Embody’s thank you letter from Brady should be forthcoming. Do not expect one from me or millions of other Gun Owners.


Don’t mess with the guy driving the ambulance

My pet peeve is trolls who come over to my blog and feel justified to tell me how to act. By the way, the First Amendment prohibits the federal government from limiting your right to express yourself. It does not apply to me. Apparently, your high school Civics teacher failed you just as miserably as your English teacher, and you somehow also managed to slip through an EMT class without ever learning to write coherently.

via I Know It’s About As Sporting As Clubbing Baby Seals… | A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver.

I know the feeling. I have only banned one specific idiot and it was for that reason. The rest of the idiots have pretty much free hand because they serve a purpose: To demonstrate & confirm my points. And they do such a greeat jon!

Brady. Would you mind running that one by me again?

This one gave me pause. I checked Jim Brady’s Bio and as far as I could tell, he has never served in the military, has never been a police officer, fireman or paramedic. No stories of bravado or rescuing little girls from fires while he was young, etc.

And I feel sorry for the guy, but catching an unintended bullet while on a sidewalk minding your own business makes you a tragic victim, not a hero. I am gonna blame this one on an excitable intern at the Brady Campaign…. or the first salvo in the “Colin Goddard For President of the Brady Campaign” movement.

CSGV: Neither, nor, just the opposite.

This one hurt, I admit it. Then again silly me for reading one of Ladd’s interns (which I suspect is a former OWS member that amazingly can keep a job) without the proper dosage of caffeine.

I cannot keep track with all the stuff we are supposed to be. We are racists, revolutionaries, contra-revolutionaries, anarchists, cannibals, anti-government and now we want to be government?

The hobbesian thing comes from the following:

Hobbes (hbz), Thomas 1588-1679.
English philosopher and political theorist best known for his book Leviathan (1651), in which he argues that the only way to secure civil society is through universal submission to the absolute authority of a sovereign.

So is it like Islam for Non-Muslims? But we still get to eat bacon, right?

They have been pushing all this year for the “NRA wants to destroy the government” but today we want to be a dictatorial government? Do they drug-test the interns at CSGV? Oi gevald!

Trying to make sense on what the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is impossible. Sometimes it feels like I am watching Faye Dunaway being slapped in that scene in Chinatown. It obviously means that CSGV feels frustrated and that no matter what false accusations they throw at us, nothing sticks and they have to come up with weirder stuff. I feel that accusations of Child Molestation are not very far down the line. So if you hear that we are like Nambla but with guns, you know they reached China they dug themselves so deep.

I need more coffee.