The fundamental difference between us and them.

Leave to the Cult to Stop Gun Rights Violence to illustrate what is the difference between the Gun Culture and the Serf Culture:

Some people think we are a tad harsh when we call our opponents a bunch of Rainbow Unicorn Fart sniffers. The term might be a little creative, but it is spot on and illustrates that their “thinking” is based on utopia notions of universal peace, love and the endless supply of safety blankets.

Evil men have always existed and always will. The same applies to dangerously psychotic  people who intend to do harm. That they are either evil or crazy does not mean they are stupid or cannot pass for normal people until they are ready to do harm. But CSGV thinks that there are ways to prevent their actions 100% of the time and keep everybody safe from harm if we are only wise enough to give up a little bit of our freedoms. Of course “a little bit” is never enough and they come back for seconds, third, twenty-fourths, etc and the problem is still there or even worse.

We understand and accept that no matter how hard we try, there will always be that person that slips between the cracks or is set free to do harm again by an ineffective legal system or is kept shielded by an interest group or company because they invested too much effort or money to have it go to waste. And as much as we want and push those systems to improve and weed out the worst in our society, 100% is just an unreachable fantasy that usually comes crashing down on the heads of innocents.

Do I want government to keep dangerous people away from the regular folks? Absolutely! Do I trust them to do the job right? Hell no! Have you checked the efficiency of your government lately? And you are gonna trust them with your safety when even the Supreme Court has settled the matter that they have no duty to protect you?

CSGV and its cohorts live in a mental world not too different from the crazies they claim to protect us from. If we give up the tools that will give us a chance to really protect ourselves, somehow according to their deluded minds, the crazies will all suddenly disappear and singing gnomes will lull us to sleep in a pink cloud of happiness while free Starbucks will flow from the skies above.

Call me crazy, but I choose to live in the real world.

Costas & Whitlock: Idiots run in pairs

But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe: if Jovan Belcher “didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”
Written by Jason Whitlock and regurgitated live by Bob Costas.

It was the gun that killed Jovan Belcher and his Girlfriend as these two Football experts tell us.

It could not have been a corrupt culture of Football at all. A culture where the exceptional player is taught from his teens that he is above common men and common laws. It cannot be that, it had to be the gun

In High School, he begins to be cultivated as a “warrior” immune to punishment and academics. He can bully, belittle and harass with impunity because “he is going places” and the coach and administration want the trophies and the cachet that comes from saying “that NFL start began his career here. Give us some money.” And they will get it.

In College his advanced “warrior” training starts in earnest. “You ain’t here to learn macrame boy, you are here to play FOOTBALL!” he is told. They throw gifts and girls his way as he learns the steps to go into the big game. He is cuddled and “helped” in academics while the lesser mortal actually have to study and some even work for that diploma. He may sire a bastard or two on the way or even have pregnancies terminated, will destroy that “beemer loaner” in a drunken accident and that poor freshman that got beaten to a pulp will be silenced with cash money because the upcoming pigskin star is too young to “ruin his future career.” And if he survives the games and the debauchery of college, he will be taken to an all electronic media pen and be auctioned to the hungry coaches of the NFL. And the school will beam with pride and say “that NFL start really began his career here. Give us some money.” And they will get it.

Once he makes it into the hollowed grounds of a professional stadium, he is now superstar and gets swamped in more money than he has ever seen (but a pittance compared to the “ranchers” and the league) and wastes no time in repeating and augmenting the stupidity and felonies that will be overlooked, ignored or covered to save the image of the Game. By now he has committed so many unpunished misdemeanors and felonies that he is firmly entrenched in the belief that his superior and god-like. The CIA director had to pack his bags because adultery, superstar makes adultery another professional sport with more “honies” than a sultan of old. If any service man in the battlefield happened to do just 10% of the misdeeds of superstar, he’d end up having a very long “vacation” at Fort Leavenworth where they make little rocks out of big ones. Yet superstar is saved from prison because he is too valuable. And even if the misdeed is so big that cannot be covered up, he will have a battery of high-priced lawyers and media relation experts who will tell him to dress conservatively, look downcast and beg for forgiveness which will be soon forthcoming because there is much money invested in him or produces too much money to be wearing orange jumpsuits.

Add to the above description that  out superstar is now suffering the abuses inflicted in his body both in and out of the field. He is stuffed and injected with so many medications and drugs that his brain, already twisted by concussion and his mind absolutely perverted by years of unfettered permission start to slide into its own demented version of life. When the star finally goes mental supernova and kills, it cannot be because of a corrupt culture of permissiveness and cover ups.

So, to the league’s rescue come Costas & Whitlock. Somebody must fend off the attacks that are sure to come! Nobody must criticize the nipple that supplies our milk and hair care products. We must attack because a 9.5 billion dollar income must be protected at all costs.

And they chose the usual suspect: The Gun.

Because personal responsibility is passe.

Costas & Whitlock are just whores. But at least both are well paid whores in that sick bordello.

CDC: why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

My dad became a statistic—merely one of the roughly 100,000 Americans whose deaths are caused or influenced by infections picked up in hospitals. One hundred thousand deaths: more than double the number of people killed in car crashes, five times the number killed in homicides, 20 times the total number of our armed forces killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another victim in a building American tragedy.

via How American Health Care Killed My Father – David Goldhill – The Atlantic.

Once again we are hearing the drumbeat of guns as medical/epidemiology problem and that we need more “scientific & medical” studies by the CDC to control “gun deaths.” Yeah right! That would be like asking Pol Pot or Stalin to study Columbine.

Hat tip to @HecateCrossroad

“Wait, now we need guns? But you swore to protect us!”

SAN BERNARDINO ( — The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to “lock their doors and load their guns” during a city council meeting.

The official explained that because the city is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets people will need to start protecting themselves

via City Attorney Tells San Bernardino Residents To ‘Lock Their Doors,’ ‘Load Their Guns’ Because Of Police Downsizing « CBS Los Angeles.

How’s that Gun Control working out for you? “Feeling” safer now?