That Clay Watkins wasn’t willing to pay $8 for LaCroix sparkling water. He had to buy a store brand.

NPR is reporting that elites are actually having to make spending decisions. That they’ve actually noticed that amounts are smaller and prices are up.

The Labor Department is reporting consumer prices are up 8% or more over last year. What they don’t say in those numbers is that only certain things are counted as “consumer prices” so the fact the price of gas has doubled doesn’t really get included in those numbers.

Of course it is being blamed on the pandemic. You see it was happening BEFORE Joe got in office.

And it is just the Ukraine war that got people to notice inflation, the Putin price hike, don’t you know.

But the only thing that will stop inflation is if we plebs stop buying things…

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Inflation Is So Bad…”
  1. Ah, but if we plebes stop buying things then it’s our fault we’re in a recession because we cratered demand…

  2. As with any other leftist/statist/socialist plan, it will continue until the people pushing for it suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer first.

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