Hawaii has been one of the most horrible locations for gun rights for decades. After McDonald they were suppose to be a “May Issue” state but when the records were checked they had not issued a single CCW permit in years and years and years.

They are worse than California, New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts.

After almost a year they were proud to announce that they had issued 34(?) CCWs.

Of course infringers have to infringer.

Attorney General Anne Lopez told Hawaii News Now that House Bill 984 is intended to ensure Hawaii law is consistent with a recent Supreme Court decision. In the so-called Bruen decision, the Supreme Court overturned broad state restrictions on carrying guns in public. Now Green and other lawmakers are trying to create more protections ― for specific places.

The measure would bans guns in “sensitive places,” including schools, government buildings, libraries, parks, eateries and bars with alcohol, and public transportation. It would also require mandatory insurance coverage and there are felony penalties.

So they are following in the footsteps of NY, NJ and all the other states that have decided that they will issue a you a CCW but only after you prove you are good enough and then you’ll only be able to do so if you can avoid all the “legal gun free zones”.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Infringers got to infringe”
  1. I think we need some basic rules for designating “no bringing weapons in” zones.
    * Clearly and unambiguously marked; AND
    * Manned security checkpoint at each entrance.
    None of this “sidewalk across the street from a building that’s owned by a school” stuff.

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