Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action — Ian Fleming

New York is well past enemy action. They are in full fledged battle.

We saw it in the “S.A.F.E. Act” where it was so important to pass gun control legislation that it happened in the dead of the night without anybody having a chance to comment. We saw it when they dropped a “regulation” and then the state changed the law to moot a case before the Supreme Court. And we saw it with their post Bruen actions.

At this point my contacts in the reenacting community are reporting that nobody is doing any events in New York. These are smart people with lawyers that read the actual law. Having a flintlock rifle in a public place is a felony is how they are seeing the law.

Part of what NY did was that they made just about anyplace that reenacting events take place “sensitive places.” There are no exceptions in the law for these sorts of people. And since all of these weapons are fully functional, requiring only real shot to be used to make them deadly, they are targeted by the new laws.

Now another group has been caught up in this.

The American Legion and VFW and certain other groups are currently banned from firing the volley gun salute at veterans funerals and other events.

Commander David Riley, of the American Legion Department of New York, said he feels the current state gun laws as they are written right now prohibit traditional veteran ceremonies from taking place.

They may say we won’t be arrested, but we’re not going to take those chances, especially if it’s a religious cemetery and fire a 21-gun salute we can be arrested for that,” said Riley.

The governor’s office replied with:

These laws allow for funerals and other solemn observances to occur with gun salutes, and there should be no concern otherwise,” according to a statement. “We will work with legislators and local law enforcement to ensure these events can proceed and in the meantime, individuals who have lawfully participated in these meaningful salutes at military funerals should continue to do so.

The problem is that the laws, as written, don’t provide these exceptions. The politicians are saying that law enforcement and prosecutors will not enforce these laws so just trust them. And these people are saying “Hell no, we do not trust you.”

Veteran groups fear prosecution due to New York gun laws that might impact ceremonies

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3 thoughts on “Intended Consequences, NY State”
  1. Laws like this cause the morons who support this to flee to red states and immediately start bleating to enact the very same laws they left… Maine is turning blue and not from the cold… we will see in a month.

  2. My dad, as a member of VFW and the American Legion, used to do funeral rites for local veterans. In 1999, Congress changed the law requiring the that military services provide the funeral rites. Not sure how that works in New York. If I recall correctly, when dad was buried, the rifle team used (gasp) real M-4s with blank adapters.

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