By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Interesting product, I might have to try it”
  1. Few things I like:
    1. not obvious.
    2. easy to access. (My underseat lock box is a pain to get to while seated.)
    3. Does that “hide in plain sight” thing, which surprisingly works pretty well.

    Few things I do not like:
    1. Not really secure. Too easy to remove a headrest without tools.
    2. Obviously they are aftermarket headrests, so someone in the know will be suspicious.
    3. (this is a no-go in my book) not possible to use without signaling to the world you are putting a valuable item into a secure location. There is no difference (visually) between using this safe, and getting out of the car and putting a gun into a lockbox in the trunk before going into a shop.
    Still, much better than popping it into the center console, or under a seat.

  2. Mmm…. Like the innovation, like having more options; but nope, not for me. Two main reasons:
    1. You have to raise the pistol above the level of the door to put it in the safe or take it out. That means anyone around can see there’s a gun in the car.
    2. If you have a passenger, or there’s someone outside the passenger side, you will most likely be muzzling them.
    That said, I could certainly see using it for things like registration and insurance card … stuff you want to keep somewhat secured, but in a place you can get to them at need in a manner such as to not make a cop nervous. I had handled that before by putting those docs in an envelope I clipped to the sun shade; but that’s not well secured in either a security or physical sense.

  3. Seriously, J.Kb, if you want to do a test & eval on it, I’m willing to toss in a few bucks towards the purchase.

  4. I very much like the hiding in plain sight aspect with the only downside being having to raise the weapon up to get it in there. Not a problem combat parked in a parking garage after making sure no one is around, bit of a problem out in the middle of the parking lot at the doctors office.

    Gonna have to do some digging into these things thats pretty dang cool

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