Francis “Cultural Appropriation” O’Rourke said on Joy Reid’s show that if he passed mandatory buybacks, Americans would turn in their guns because America is a nation of laws.

While it is true that we are a nation of laws, that only goes so far.

If the law says Jews have to relocate to camps, fuck you, I’m not obeying the law.  I’ve seen that movie, I know how it ends.

Americans are citizens, not subjects, and we will obey the law in so far as the law is reasonable.

You want a perfect example of that, look at income tax compliance.  When income taxes are low, people pay their taxes.  When taxes go up, rich people cheat on their taxes.  Above a certain tax value, it’s more worth it to cheat and pay the fine if you get caught than it is to pay the full amount.

Cigarettes in New York are exactly the same way.  At more than $20 a pack, people drive to Indian Reservations in neighboring states or go to Virginia and buy some cases and illegally sell loosies for a profit because casual smokers don’t want to pay $15 in taxes.  You don’t see loosies sold in states where a pack of cigarettes is $5.

Did Beto really forget about the history of Prohibition?  People still drank, they just did it illegally.

Extreme and unjust laws do not ensure voluntary compliance.

So Julio Rosas conducted a poll based upon the Beto clip.

That’s about what I expected.

Now, I for one don’t own a boat, but when Hurricane Dorian flooded Alabama, all my guns were washed away.  The ATF has to believe me, Trump said it would happen.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Internet Poll”
  1. The best comment I have read was something like: Since American’s are so law abiding that if there is a law passed that says turn in your AR-15s, they will do so. But there is a law in place that says “Don’t murder people” and since American’s are law abiding they won’t shoot people so there is no need to confiscate their AR-15s.


    1. The reminds me of a joke.

      A sex researcher asked a sampling of men about their masturbatory habits.

      90% of men admitted to being regular masturbators.
      The other 10% lied about it

  2. I didnt lose my guns in a boating accident… however, when I traded my boat for some tires I forgot all my guns were stored in my boat……

  3. If the law is in accord with one’s moral code and ethics, no problems.

    If the law is opposed to the moral or ethical codes of a large fraction of the population, there will be (to quote RoboCop) … trouble.

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