So Iowa Democrats can’t deliver the results of a caucus in the timeframe that many Third World Countries would have taken to do a National Election’s vote.

If Twitter is to be believed (Yeah, right) Bernie won, Warren came in second but Buttigieg somehow controls the app that was running the voting and placed himself the winner last night. The DNC is shitting bricks because Biden not only did not win but came fourth or something so they are trying to pull a Hillary super-delegates while Joe is in a corner crying and sniffing the Young Ladies underwear section of the local Target.

And, of course, the subtle tones of melodious balalaika playing are being heard by the core Democrat “conspiracionsistas.”

I swear the only thing we need to top this crap pie is that somebody named Chad gets blamed for all the problems.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Iowa: Don’t ask me.”
  1. If you live in a state with open primaries grab a D ballot and cast a vote for Bernie. When the DNC inevitably screws him over again the riots in the blue cities will be glorious!

  2. The WSJ has a headline about the app creator: “App developer Shadow says it builds ‘affordable and easy-to-use tools’ for progressives”.
    I guess that explains it. When you measure your merit as an engineering company by how progressive you are, it follows that what you produce will be garbage.
    For that matter, it was obvious a while ago (and the WSJ refers to this) when the DNC and the company refused to disclose details about how it works to answer questions about its security. The claim was that “disclosing the internals would compromise security”. Kerchoff’s principle: you must assume the opponent knows every technical detail except the key (password). If the system isn’t secure on that assumption, it is no good. A designer who uses the argument that was used here isn’t qualified to build a secure application.

  3. They are not quite as experienced as third world countries as totally rigging elections. You can say “Chicago Machine” all you want, but this is Chavez, Castro, Saddam level of rigging where it is clear that the winner wasn’t even close to the popular candidate. This is more than just a few dead people and ex-felons voting.

  4. Obviously, they did not get the results they wanted. Which means they are busy stuffing boxes with uncounted votes. (or pretending the seats were filled by non-existent people.)

  5. A lot of people are drawing good conclusions from this. Stuff like “and these are the people who want to run our health care?”
    It really reinforces a point I realized a while ago: there is ONLY ONE correct way of running an election, and that is with paper ballots. They can be paper ballots printed by a ballot printing machine for the benefit of the handicapped. They clearly can be ballots counted by a scanner mounted on top of the ballot box, as is standard practice in NH. But the actual vote must be on a piece of paper the voter holds in his hands and delivers to the ballot box, in a form that the voter can verify by eye. In such a setup, electronics are optional, and if there is any question about correct operation, all that is needed is to run a manual recount with Mark 1 Eyeballs to do the counting.
    Electronic voting machines (or mechanical ones for that matter) are an abomination, and “vote by Internet” even more so. All these things MUST be outlawed for the vote to be reliable. I suppose that means Dems will strenuously oppose any such attempts.

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