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Maine ‘Gun Safety’ Coalition Oversees Negligent Firearm Discharge at Gun-Giveback

One of Maine’s primary gun control advocate groups, the Maine Gun Safety Coalition, oversaw a gun-giveback program on Saturday at local police departments throughout southern Maine.

Despite the focus on gun safety, contractors working with MGSC and the Old Orchard Beach Police Department failed to practice basic gun safety when they attempted to saw a loaded blackpowder rifle, which led to the negligent discharge of the firearm.

Luckily, instead of injuring any bystanders, the musket round instead damaged two vehicles.

“As one of the firearms was being cut the weapon discharged expelling a round
through the barrel. The round was found to have struck two unoccupied vehicles
within the parking lot,” the Old Orchard Beach Police Department told the Maine Wire.

The destruction of the forfeited guns was carried out by Humanium Metal technicians, who allegedly specialize in the safe disposal of firearms.

Police said that the firearm in question was a muzzle-loader, which was loaded with gunpowder and a bullet at the time of destruction.

The heat or sparks caused by the sawing ignited the gunpowder and caused the gun to fire.

Absolutely fucking brilliant.

They are gun experts that don’t follow the rules of gun safety and caused a negligent discharge.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Ironic dangerous anti-gun dumbassery”
  1. Call it the Alec Baldwin effect: gun haters are by definition, and proudly, ignorant of every rule of gun safety. Their use of “safety” in the organization name has exactly the same significance as “democratic” in the name of communist dictatorships.

  2. We can laugh all we want at the proudly displayed ignorance and stupidity of the anti- rights crowd. They’re still dangerous. How many Nazis knew( or know) anything about Judaism? Did it matter? These are blood enemies and it’s high time we realized that.

  3. The Methodist Church in Concord is pulling some Guns to Garden [tools] or something. Per the Sun, they did one last year.

    They’ll have [vetted?] volunteers carry [legally] said firearms to someone with a chop saw who will “disable” [legally] them. (SBRs, anyone).

    I’m toying with going down to see if there is anything interesting. Perhaps J might drop by.

    1. I prefer the opposite direction (garden tools to guns). As in the guy who turned a shovel into an AK47 receiver and documented the entire process on the web.

  4. And, for all their grandstanding, they’re not even destroying the firearms in the manner stated by F-Troop for proper destruction of a firearm/receiver.
    ATF says they must be torch cut (at least 1/4” of material removed per cut) through three critical areas. Crushing/shredding the firearm is also acceptable, but saw cuts and angle grinding through the barrel aren’t acceptable.
    Not like F-Troop will actually call them on it because the gun grabbers are useful idiots for the “right” side.

    1. This was a muzzleloader. We don’t know the specific type, but most traditional muzzleloaders don’t have a receiver. Just a barrel, a stock, and a lock (hence the saying “lock, stock, and barrel” to mean the entire thing).

      Besides which, even if it was a modern inline muzzleloader and it did have a receiver, under federal law it wasn’t a firearm therefore the rules that apply to firearm don’t apply.

  5. To be fair, it’s not intuitively obvious how to tell if a muzzle loader is loaded. Still, if you don’t know it’s better to ask and/or wait than to plow ahead.

  6. I live here and I didn’t know about this being how it was in the peoples republic of southern maine… home of prius driving sandle wearing CUNTS. but Im ssssoooo happy they got that evil single shot- 15 minutes to load- patriot symbol of Freedom off the street…. fukkin old orchid USED to be a great fun place to go.. then the liberals moved in and turned it into a liberal utopia.. (yes, I have no sympathy)- too bad the muzzle loader didn’t KILL a couple of these useless pieces of shiite.. maybe, but I doubt it, they will think next time and do some research on firearms handling. if any of these asshats contact me about the safe disposal I will take all thier information and turn it in to my local atf agent. Its my civic duty to report criminal acts involving firearms… oh and a way to check if a muzzle loader may be loaded- GENTLY slide a wood dowel down the barrel til it stops. mark it. pull it out and set it next to the barrel. if it has more than an inch from the chamber end of the barrel, it may be loaded….

    1. The muzzle loaders that dad built all had ramrods that had brass turned ends installed on the wood doweling that doubled as a cleaning jag. Plus in the center of the tip, it was recessed to follow the curvature of a lead ball so as to help limit the deformity caused by a flat ended ramrod smacking into the soft lead. It also had a threaded hole to install a ball puller for that occasion where it didn’t go ‘bang’ when it was supposed to.
      Anyway, the transition point from wood to the brass fitting would always be pretty close to the end of the barrel if it was inserted into an UNLOADED barrel. If it stuck out more than that, you’d better find out why…

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