But Trump won Florida, right? All the media and even the Democrats eventually admitted as such. So why investigate?

We are flooded by the statistical demonstration of the fraud that the Democrats committed through and it takes a very willing partisan mind to accept those states’ “results” on article of faith alone. But besides the fact that they cheated, the manipulations in PA, Georgia, Michigan, etc. are also telling for another reason.

Can we agree that this cheating has been at best ham-fisted in its execution? The sudden stop in counting and the a sudden increase in Biden’s numbers in the wee hours of the night away from prying eyes. The Media initially eagerly to declare states even with the thinnest of margins , suddenly refuses to even comment on pro-Trump advantages? What was going on that night? My not-so-humble opinion is that the Democrats panicked. But what did they panic? Simple, they were not expecting Florida not only to turn red but to do so so fiercely. You se? I do believe they had the margin of cheating covered, just not ready for the level of Republican participation that gave Trump a final advantage of over 350,000 votes. And I believe the cheating came in riding the Mail In ballots.

During the 2016 presidential elections, the Democrats mailed in their votes with a total of 1,049,808 ballots, The Republicans mailed in 1,108,053 ballots and the Non Party Affiliated 504,895.

Now, we were all expecting the 2020 elections to be more engaged and it was so. But what is truly engagement by voters and what is behind-the scenes manipulations?

Republicans add under 400,000 new Mail-In votes, NPAs add over half a million new votes and the Democrats? Over a million new Mail-In votes!

The Early Voting numbers for Democrats actually dropped from 2016 to 2020 by 170,000 actual votes versus an increase of 500,000 by the Republicans and  127, 000 more for the Non Party Affiliated.  And yes, we covered here that the enthusiasm for Trump was palpable across the state and for Biden was barely registered he was running for the Presidency. All of the sudden, the people that are not even motivated to put a Biden sign in their front yard or a sticker on their car, requested in masse one million Mail-In ballots more than in the last election? I am not an expert on statistics, but this simply does not pass the smell test, in fact this is a huge red flag that is being ignored and I have to call it BS that it was all normal, sorry.

One Million new Mail-In Democrat votes. Think about it for a second: In any election, one million votes is a hammer that kills any hope your opponent may have on winning, specially when the last presidential election was won by barely 120,000 votes.  You have produced ten times the difference and created a Margin of Cheating that experts assure you cannot be beaten.  Hell, If you can call the 29 Electoral votes of Florida into the blue column early on, you may create a fantastic cascade of Blue the rest of the country. But something happened:

Enter Florida Man and Woman. 

Before I go on, a bit of history. Back in the 2,000 Presidential elections, the Media started to report on Florida at 7 pm. But the state covers two time zones and the affluence of voters also allowed for precincts to stay open later. The Florida Division of Elections raised merry hell about it and the media promised it would not happen again. Of course, in 2020 and promptly at 7 pm, the Media started to hash out numbers and even turning Florida blue in their graphics. The Division of Elections began to show the counts in their website at 8 pm as they are mandated and here is when the problem began.

Florida Man and Woman were not take into consideration, they dared to go against the experts and came out to vote in droves for the President. Soon enough, the Media’s count flipped the state back to red and by whereabouts of 9:30 pm, Trump had already gone ahead of Biden by 300,000 votes and by midnight, the difference was in the 380,000s. 

Now, the same media that had jumped the gun, the same media that very early on were declaring states left and right all over the East Coast and other places for one candidate or another, suddenly became functional mutes when it came to Florida. Many a state in the Midwest and West were declared for Biden while Florida remained adrift in their graphics and analysis. Fox finally fessed up almost at midnight and declared Florida for Trump. AP and the New York Times required more time and it was not till one in the morning the next day they finally accept the Florida results,  but why the delay?

I believe the Democrats went into panic mode once they realized Florida was lost. They probably figured out by 9 pm that the Sunshine State could not be won and that they lost 29 electoral votes  which they needed to make up somehow, Here is where the ham-fisted cheating began in its earnest: Suddenly poll voters needed a time out or any other excuse to stop the count and come up with Plan B: The Electoral Fuckery*.     

The rest you know by heart. 

Of course, all this is my opinion. But I figure that it needs to be checked out as there have been elections like this in the past where the Left thought it had their ducks all in a row and ended up trying to control a herd of pissed off cats. If you doubt me, ask the Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and how surprised he and his communists buddies were when popular support overrode the Sandinista cheating and Violeta Chamorro was elected President.  Of course, the Sandinistas learned from this mistake and went on to improve their manipulations and secure other elections.  

There is a lesson there we can’t afford to ignore. 


Sources: Vote-by-Mail Request and Early Voting Reports (2020) and Archived Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail Statistics (2016)

( * Electoral Fuckery seen first in the writings of Larry Correia)

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. I think a big part of not calling Florida was to ensure that their graphics never showed Trump leading. They made it look like Biden “won” wire to wire.

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