The principal of Alvirne High School in NH was placed on administrative leave. The school board will not say why, only that it is a personnel issue.

Of course this caused everybody to leap into action.

Thousands of people have signed an online petition protesting the principal being put on leave. Some students walked out in protest. Students are telling stories of what a wonderful principal he was.

And not a single damn one of them has any idea why he was placed on leave.

A few years ago one of our local teachers was accused by a student of inappropriate sexual conduct with her. She was in the midst of her Nth drama and when it looked like she was going to get kicked out of school she wrote a letter with the accusation to the principal of the High School

Long story short, the students that knew that teacher had seen him reject said girl multiple times. And she was angry over the rejection. She was a known liar and nobody in the student body believed her accusation. Regardless, the teacher resigned and transferred. We would have no problems with him as a teacher for our kids.

We don’t know what this principal did. It could be anything from financial to failure to do his duty to something nasty.

The only thing we know for sure is that he is currently on leave and not allowed in the building.

At this point we have to wait to find out what are the actual facts. Not our wishful thinking or our projections, but what are the facts. If he is in fact doing “bad things” to students then I hope he is charged and stands trial. If it is a false accusation, I hope he is reinstated with back pay and given an appology.

We have seen to many teachers grooming our children, I don’t mind waiting with him out of the building to find out what is actually going on.

Wait for the facts.
Students, parents protest after Alvirne High School principal placed on leave

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Is it Another Groomer? Or Not”
  1. FACTS? In modern America we don’t need or want no stinking facts, boudreaux, we just go straight to the rioting.

  2. Children will let their emotions drive their decisions.
    They are protesting the principal getting put on admin leave because “he is such a nice guy.” Not because he obviously did not do anything to warrant the disciplinary action. Not because they even know why the action was taken. But, because… nice guy…
    This is what led to the 2020 BLM riots, the shouting at the sky after Trump won, the I think it is time for a woman president, the “no human is illegal” BS, etc… Emotions are the substitute for thinking with children.

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