This is the third week of protests in Paris against the increase in the price of fuel and overall crappy economy.  Police simply overwhelmed and the amount of protesters and the overall destruction. Earlier today, there wa a report that a police car had been breached in and unspecified duty rifle had been stolen by the protesters.

This is huge and somehow we are not hearing much in this side of the Atlantic puddle.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Is Paris Burning? Mas oui, mon ami!”
  1. The French got Macron….
    They got high fuel prices and a tanking economy in an effort to underwrite globalism and economic redistribution.

    We got Trump and what did we get? I don’t know about you folks in Florida but I paid $1.84 for unleaded this afternoon….

    What would we have now if Hillary had been elected?
    See France………

  2. Gotta be fake news….His Holiness the Obumster told the world that stuff like this only happens in America!!!

    We should ship his bastardness (and cabinet) over and drop em all right square in the middle. With broken kneecaps.

  3. This is huge and somehow we are not hearing much in this side of the Atlantic puddle.

    Heaven forfend that the propagandist MSM show the masses here how the EU public are reacting. We might get the idea that TPTB can be violently confronted when ‘carbon’ & VAT type taxes hit us in the wallet.

    1. Pretty much the same reason our kids aren’t taught that the inevitable end result of Socialism is failure and starvation. It just doesn’t fit the Perfect World they want to bring about, modeled after the Bureaucratic Paradise of the EU.

  4. The MAIN reason why they are rioting is the TAX put on fuel to fight “climate change” Maharushy spoke of this the other day. THATS why msm is silent. This is what we would face if Trump had not pulled us out of the paris acord climate change bullflooy

  5. Don’t worry – even here in Germany the riots do not make a big wave (except in the, you know, “evil rightwing alternative fake news”) in the media.

    They started as peaceful unorganized protests for various reasons – but all these reasons are things the MSM supports. so of course they can’t report truthfull about those protests.

    Fun Fact: the weeks before these protests started the politicians and media in Germany pushed for higher fuel taxes (We’re now paying around 6,6$ per gallon for gasoline) and driving bans for diesel cars (some cities already have limited diesel bans in place).

    But I guess we’re to lazy to protest.

  6. Maybe New York and California would be a better place if every time they raised taxes, the working people of those states rioted and burned shit to the ground.

  7. These tax policies are exactly why there’s Brexit, a President Trump, and growing populist movements around the world. The globalist, “one world government” movements hurt people directly in ways they can feel.

    Add in that even with ignoring the Paris Climate Accords, the US has the biggest reduction in CO2 levels of the bunch without carbon taxes, just the wonders of the market, and people are seeing the globalist agenda is full of crap.

    1. The U.S. reduced “carbon output” by using more efficient fuels. Weird how the free market achieves what we’ve been told requires a command economy.

  8. Paris gets literally scores of cars set on fire every time the “youths” decide their “diversity” has been disrespected. It doesn’t make any difference since the entire principle of European governments is to insulate decision makers from the population as thoroughly as possible. The media even stopped reporting on it, a few years ago. If the protesters want to get something done they need to stop playing around and set something important on fire- like Macron.

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