And the City doubled down in theory support.


The cop shot a old, blind, deaf, 10 lbs Shih Tzu because he feared getting bit.

What a dickless coward.

He makes the officers who stood around in Uvalde with their thumbs up their asses looked like He-Men.

If the cops wanted us normal people to hate them, would they be doing anything differently?

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Is the goal to make us hate them?”
  1. The relation between the police and citizenry has always been on a spectrum between collaborative and adversarial, depending on locale, history, etc.
    Broadly, though, the needle seems to be moving in the “adversarial” direction, be it either because of “proactive” incidents like this, or “inactive” states of affairs (e.g. failure to protect citizens, failure to arrest or prosecute criminals, etc). Granted the latter is often due to more than just the police themselves, but still, they are the main – or only – point of interaction with most of the non-criminal population, so they are the public face of the policies.
    Whether they (police, local executive branch, whatever) are actively trying to make the situation more adversarial all around … that’s an excellent question. I would ask “why.” An answer is, it shifts the police from a protect-and-collaborate mindset, to an enforcement one, and concurrently engenders an “us vs. them” mentality.

    1. I’ve very much thought about this and came to similar conclusions. I grew up in a small town and while the policing was of a rather “good Ol’ boy” methodology most days, there was a connection to the community that most of the officers had. I grew up across the street from the police chief and my mom grew up with several of the officers and county deputies. Sure there were some a-holes, but they were known quantities. Those days of community policing I grew up with morphed at some point and the “peace officers” became “law enforcement officers and there was a marked attitude shift along with that nomenclature change.
      I didn’t trust authority figures much as I aged into adulthood, but now I want my involvement with agents of the state (especially those with a badge and gun) to be as close to zero as possible just due to that attitude change.
      Couple that with all the stories and examples of why people see the police as adversaries or an occupying force is understandable (this, acorn cop, the shooting of the airman in Okaloosa County, the Ohio cop that mag dumped a golden retriever, the cops in my area that tuned up a guy because he got into an argument with an off duty deputy and the others that straight up body slammed an Indian grandfather because he didn’t speak English to their satisfaction, etc. etc.). All of those stories would have had John Q. Public standing tall in front of a judge for felonies, almost all stories that lead to the department going “qualified immunity” and sending the officer down the road to another department or carrying on like nothing ever happened.

  2. When we got the rabies series, it was only 5 shots in the shoulder, instead of the 20 or so in the abdomen years ago. (We had a bat in the house incident, and when we called the local health department, they wanted to know which one of the three or four cases of DETECTED rabies we were….)

    If I was working as an animal control or LEO, I would get the series just because you never know what is going to happen. Rabies is 99.999% fatal without intervention. (I think there are only one, maybe two people in the world that have survived without being vaccinated.)

  3. A grown ass man with a 4ft snare stick felt threatened by a blind shih tzu . . . it gives me an idea of what kind of fear biter pussies these agencies are using as uniform hangers nowadays.
    The agency and city doubling down with a hearty “F**k you” to the citizenry is just the spoiled cherry on a sh** sundae.

  4. Don’t know about the “hate” part, but I’m betting “trust” is near zero pretty much everywhere.

    I wonder if they think they know something about WROL that everyone else doesn’t.

  5. They certainly seem like they are doing everything possible to make us hate them. Or just all the absolute pricks and assholes who are cops are more and more obvious because of recording and this is the shit hat has always been going on. The later is definitely the case, can’t rule out the former though. Let us also not forget most people are bainlets on a good day, myself included.

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