Is this how it works in DC

One of the things I have noticed in this entire Trump investigation travesty – and something not mentioned by the media –  is just how often some high ranking DOJ official or un-elected bureaucrat is married to someone who works for a law firm, think tank, or research group associated with a political party.

I know people tend to marry inside their peer groups because people often date within their proximal social network.  For example, there are a lot of doctor-doctor or lawyer-lawyer relationships.

But the frequency of these influential spousal groups in DC makes me wonder if there is something more nefarious going on.

Something like a political party saying to a law firm or research group:

“There is this rising star at the DOJ or a judge getting noticed for an appellate court seat, go offer his wife a $400,000 per year make work job.”

It’s not exactly a bribe… but everyone kind of has an understanding.  Not to mention the protection of spousal privilege.

If the latter is the case, I’m all for draining the swamp Stalin style.

2 Replies to “Is this how it works in DC”

  1. Remember Michelle Obama’s job with a Chicago area hospital? Paid well, apparently critical work…

    The position was eliminated once she went to DC. It was all about carrying favor with Barak and getting him to channel tax money to the hospital.

  2. Apparently this is standard practice with the Chinese as well. Can’t bribe a U.S Senator for favorable treatment in trade legislation, but OK to offer his son very lucrative contracts representing China.

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