Ukrainians are fighting off a Russian invasion, which is good.

Canadians are peacefully protesting their own increasingly tyrannical government, and that somehow makes them whiney and pathetic.

I keep saying, I cannot share a country with these people. Their values are just too terrible. The fact their moral compass landed on true north on Ukrainians defending themselves is not a plus for them.

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By J. Kb

21 thoughts on “Is this the worst take today?”
  1. Could be the truckers are protesting because they don’t want to have to use AKs and Molotovs against a homegrown tyranny at some future time.

  2. Dude,

    The Truckers were peacefully protesting. The only violence I saw was by the police themselves. The only terrorism I saw was the politicians freezing their bank accounts and confiscate everything they had, and threatening to track, arrest and the same people that left peacefully from Ottawa and Windsor.
    Be Glad the Truckers and their supporters are peaceful and friendly. It wouldn’t take more than 20 of them to leave Ottawa without light, natural gas, water, and open roads. But they don’t want to destroy the world, they are the builders, the maintainers, and all they want is” Government to Leave Them Alone.”
    Not one policeman injured
    Not one resident injured
    Not one store looted
    Not one building burnt down,
    What we saw were Food Kitcens, Bouncy Houses, Cotton Candy, Hot Tubs, and Dance Parties.
    All built with no Ontario Hydro Electricity, Natural Gas, City Water, or a Loonie in government money.
    Piss them off, and who knows what they can do?

  3. “I keep saying too, I cannot share a country with these people. Their values are just too terrible.” The U N I T E D States of America are over, we are way too much divided on everything. Time to split in 2 different countries, hopefully peacefully, but through force is an option as well, one Republican leaning, abiding to the original US Constitution, and freedom loving and full of common sense, the other one, Democratic, tyrannical, woke and communist.

    I live in Texas now, I though we were mainly conservative; however, sadly, a poll I saw yesterday on our incoming governor election placed Abbott/R at 50% and the idiot Beto/D at 49%! How can half of the population be so d i v i d e d?

    1. I’ve been in Texas all my life. Big Media works overtime every election trying to convince us that Texas is finally going blue. Those polls are just one example. They’ll lie and lie and then act shocked when the R’s win again. Beto has no support.

      1. Texas has been on my short list of places I could move to because its largely still full of Americans. Liberals have been moving there, look at austin. Maine where I am is infested with liberal hippy asshole (target rich environment) we have good pro gun laws and low crime. However bigger towns are showing the effect of democrats running them. Every year we have to fight to squash stupid anti gun laws the hippies wanta pass. I agree that 8 years of klinton, 8 years of obammy, 4 years of MAGA. and now shiites n giggles, the liberals have damaged America that I would gladly give liberals the northeast and every hardworking American move to red states and start over. Let the liberals try and run a kountry without us blue color service industry workers. Declaire dc a blue capitol and red America make a new capitol. Trucking companies charge blue kountry triple rates to deliver goods cause them tree huggin pinko fuks hate trucks. Build a yuge wall with one way gates around it so them blue fukkers cant continue to move to red areas and fuk em up…. End of rant

  4. Just remember that all those people insisting we go to war with Russia (to protect Biden’s corruption) spent all of the early 2000’s screaming “no blood for oil”. Funny how the so-called anti-war left gets all bloodthirsty when a dem is in office.

    1. If it wasn’t for double standards…
      The really ironic thing is that if Biden was to get us into an actual war, they’d cheer it on until we got a Republican president. Then they would immediately call for that war’s end.

      1. True of anything you care to name, not just war.
        How many Ds were antivaxxers – would never ever use a Trump vaccine, nuh’uh! – until Biden took office?
        When your views on a topic depend wholly on who’s in the white house, as opposed to the merits of the topic itself … You truly have no views of your own.

  5. These people are only mad because corporate news has told them they should be mad. If the Associated Press painted Ukraine as being a country with a Nazi regime and Putin as a liberator, these same mouth breathing idiots would be decrying the Ukrainian resistance as terrorism. They are vacuous fools, and utterly worthless as anything other than useful idiots for the elitist class.

  6. “I keep saying too, I cannot share a country with these people. Their values are just too terrible.”

    I completely agree. It is a serious mental illness they have. When your female parental until and her husband call you a nazi, you know something is wrong with them.

    1. Be selective in reading Twatter. I suggest Jack Posobiec for national amd foreign affairs, with MrAndyNgo for everything insane in Antifa.

      1. Posobiec is entertaining, if nothing else. He has been wrong about a great deal of things, though. I’m wary of anything he says. For example, last summer in July he put out a statement that the Biden admin was colluding with blue state governors to put the country into hard lockdowns “coming in 2 weeks!”. This would have set the stage for a national shutdown in August. It never happened. Not even close. Wasn’t even a mask mandate here in NY at the time.

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