It has to be more than just coincidence

Has anybody noticed that in every 2018 election in which the Republican was called the winner that has gone to recount and/or extended count, gets flipped to the Democrat?

It’s like the underwear gnomes plan for elections.

Phase 1: Call for a count in a race favored by the media for a Democrat but won in an upset by the Republican.

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Previously uncounted Democrat votes turn the election.

Were just supposed to trust that Phase 2 is on the up-and-up.

It seems like the lesson that the Republicans took away from the 2000 Bush/Gore election was “we don’t ever want to go through that again.”

It seems like the lesson that the Democrats took away from the 2000 Bush/Gore election was “we need to learn to cheat harder if we ever go through that again.”

Right now I think Beto O’Rourke, Heidi Heitkamp, Claire McCaskill, and  Phil Bredesen are getting screwed.  They should call for recounts too.  I’m sure that Democrats in Texas, North Dakota, Missouri, and Tennessee can find a few hundred thousand more Democrat votes in boxes left in school cafeterias or in the backs of rental trucks.

If there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not demand a recount when you were beaten by a measly 6%?

3 Replies to “It has to be more than just coincidence”

  1. It’s “gaslighting”. The media play it up like the democrat is going to win the race. When it looks like they aren’t, the hijinx come into play and when it flips to the dimunist, then folks figure that’s what it was supposed to do.

    Yes, people are that stupid.

  2. I suspect that in the second “It seems like the lesson….” paragraph you meant to say “Democrats,” not “Republicans.”

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