In 2012 a black man was spotted casing houses in a gated community. A neighborhood watch member spotted the young man and called in a suspicious person. During the conversation with the 911 operator the neighborhood watch member did not mention skin color until directly asked by the 911 operator.

At some point he lost sight of the suspect and left his vehicle to investigate. He was still talking to the 911 operator. At some point the black animal attacked this watch member taking him off his feet. The animal straddled the man and starting throwing punches “MMA style” driving the man’s head into the concrete multiple times. (See the multiple postings by J.Kb. about one punch kills).

Afraid for his life the watch member drew his legally licensed and carried firearm and shot the animal that was attacking him. Killing the animal.

The police arrived, did a preliminary investigation felt it was a justifiable homicide and declined to arrest the neighborhood watch member.

A few weeks later a media blitz struck. The media used a picture of the animal from years before, showing a bright happy smiling child. They media told us that a white man full of racial hate hunted this child (He was not yet 18 years old) and killed him.

The image used in describing that animal was always the innocent child image.

This certainly looks like a young man who has tattoos and is attempting to look like he is a part of thug life. Not a 12 year old child looking forward to a wonderful life.

There are other images that Travon posted of himself showing he was part of the thug life. There aren’t any of him doing community service or hanging with local civic groups doing good things. Mostly there are images of his self styled thug life.

On the other hand we have another 17 year old. We have multiple pictures and videos of him doing community service. He was a member of a couple of youth groups that did things like learn police procedures and learn what it means to be a law enforcement officer. He expected to go to college and was doing the prep work to get accepted.

After riots destroyed parts of Kenosha Wisconsin, he went back to his hometown to help clean up some of the vandalism the animals of the previous night had done. While still in Kenosha his friend was asked to help stand guard at couple of car lots. He agreed.

When he arrived on scene he was carrying first aid gear as well as an AR-15 style rifle. Throughout the day and evening he attempted to help people multiple times. He is seen on video attempting to extinguish a dumpster fire. He is being interviewed and breaks off the interview to lend first-aid.

Later that night he became separated from his group and a violent animal started to chase him. There is video of this animal taunting the young man multiple times earlier in the day.

The young man became cornered and when the animal grabbed at his rifle he fired. The animal went down.

Kyle original started to lend first aid when sounds of the mob screaming for blood are heard. Kyle started running towards the police line. He stumbled and fell to the ground, a man attempted to kick him in the head (see one punch kills). Kyle fires and misses. Another man swings a mace (longboard skateboard) at Kyle and connects. Kyle fires again and hits. That man drops.

A forth man approaches, Kyle turns to face him. The forth man has a pistol in his hand. He holds his hands up for a brief moment then lunges forward. Kyle fires another shot and “vaporizes” lefty’s right bicep.

Kyle retreats to the police line. Attempts to turn himself in and told to go home. He is later arrested.

After over a year, Kyle had his day in court and was found “Not Guilty” on all charges.

Which brings us to now. Kyle was spotted by a police officer in Texas. The police officer asked for a selfie and Kyle obliged him. The police department posted the selfie to their social media and immediately the hounds of the left started baying for blood.

Here is the image the media used :

You have to wonder why they choose the image of him at trial and with law enforcement standing over him? Maybe the are trying to send a message?

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By awa

3 thoughts on “It is all in how it is framed”
  1. Seems to me the consistent message – broadening the scope to include other incidents – is “How dare you fight back!”

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