Just another reason why Journos are to be despised:


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — New video shows how the increasingly bizarre campaign for mayor in Franklin is being viewed by some as a spiritual war.

Video from a tent revival in Franklin late last week shows how Gabrielle Hanson appears to believe God is on her side.

But critics say that video should be a wake-up call about the dangers of those who are now trying to get political control to force their faith on others.

Critics say new Gabrielle Hanson video shows rise of Christian nationalism (newschannel5.com)

What are they afraid of? It is not like you will see her of her followers strapping suicide vests or paragliding and gunning concertgoers or shooting grandparents in their houses, right?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “It is bad only if you are a Christian.”
  1. Just like you never saw any cops showing up at Mosques (or any media coverage of them at all) during the lockdowns. It was only those Joooos and fanatic Christians risking everyone’s lives.

    Same w/ the bakeries. Not a single incident of a Halal bakery being targeted.

    1. Try asking a halal bakery to make a cake for your gay wedding.
      Further proof it is not about the law, safety, or whatever, it is about promoting evil over good.

  2. But critics say that video should be a wake-up call about the dangers of those who are now trying to get political control to force their faith on others.
    I really wish they’d give this a rest. It’s a tired, old argument about something that has never happened.
    In the early colonies, Catholics weren’t allowed to run for a lot of local offices due to questions about their loyalties (see next paragraph).
    JFK was the first Catholic POTUS, and there was a large segment of the population that said he shouldn’t be President; they were worried he’d have too much loyalty to Rome and the Vatican to properly represent and serve American interests. But IMO he was one of the better Presidents of the 20th century, and showed much less loyalty to foreign interests — religious or otherwise — than, say, the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, or even the Bushes.
    Mike Pence is deeply religious and most of his personal views are formed around that faith. But (again, IMO) he didn’t use his office to force his faith OR personal views on others, and IIRC rarely even mentioned his religious beliefs when speaking in his official capacity.
    Antonin Scalia was a devout Catholic, but during his tenure as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, his primary — and arguably only — professional rubric was the Constitution. As it should be.
    The long and short is, as I said, it’s a dead argument. Anyone who thinks it should be revived needs to be reminded that it cuts both ways; if an openly-Christian candidate can be disqualified because he/she might “force their faith on others”, then Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and half the Minneapolis City Council should be disqualified because they’d implement Sharia Law in a f#@$ing heartbeat.

    1. Whenever a leftist whines about Christians “forcing their faith on people”, the proper response is “which sect of Christianity”? Orthodox and Catholics? Baptists? United Methodist? Any of the hundreds of other churches?
      You can bet the Catholics and Baptists wouldn’t agree on drinking and dancing…

      1. They are obviously projecting, since the main thing they do is force their own cult on others. Or they may be thinking of the 1500s, when a whole bunch of Christian sects indeed acted that way, as is obvious from looking at European history. Of course, there’s another religion that still acts that way, perhaps because it’s in the 1500s by their calendar…

  3. It is funny how the leftists are so quick to condemn anyone who is religious, with the exceptions of the muslims.
    Well, not funny, but actually predictable. The leftists have a compulsion to elevate the bad and cut down the good. They also think that committing a second injustice will somehow erase the previous injustice. (Not that muslims/islam have suffered through any more injustices than any other group throughout history. They are just better at complaining about it.)
    So, in the mind of a leftist, muslims have historically been oppressed. (Despite abundant evidence the muslims ARE the oppressors.) Therefore, the way to make up for that injustice is to commit an equal injustice against the “oppressors.” Catholics and Jews (in the mind of the leftists) are the oppressors.
    That is why the celebrate muslims getting elected, but condemn a Catholic or Jew running for office as “evangelical.”

    1. After Dearborn banned government-owned properties flying the “Pride” flag, they’re not necessarily keen on Muslims getting elected.

    2. That is why the celebrate muslims getting elected, but condemn a Catholic or Jew running for office as “evangelical.”
      Funny thing, though. The Evangelical Church is its own sect of Protestant Christianity, right up there with Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Mennonites, etc.
      Being Christian, they are not Jewish. And being Protestant, they are not Catholic. And it’s not like they’re a small, secretive sect, either — far from it!
      If I were a Catholic or Jew running for office and I got labeled as “evangelical”, I’d be offended! (Not that anyone would care about my feelings, but still.) It just demonstrates (again) how ignorant political commenter talking heads are.

      1. Agree Archer except that I don’t believe most of pundits are ignorant, they’re hostile towards evangelicals and even more so Jews for not being Catholics. The main offence in the leftist pundits’ mind is that anyone who rejects collectivism and promotes individualism must be rejected and disrespected and what better way to accomplish that than by misrepresenting them.
        The Jews have been embracing individualism since Moses was told by Jehovah God to reject Moses’ fathers-in-law’s collectivist government structure which Jethro designed to help Moses preside of a nation of over a million Jews, for one based on the Jewish Tribe’s Bloodlines, in other words, Race. Note that the Jewish nation is based on Race==Family, Inheritance, Individualism, all under the grand title of ‘The Creator’s People’.

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