Gigantic caveat: I am not a famously well-known TV coroner or we have all the information in the case, so take this for what is worth.

If you have not heard, the New York Times released what appeared to be a diagram of Michael Brown’s autopsy:

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It is always a risk to come up with an instant “aha!” by looking at static two-dimensional paper renditions of a dynamic three-dimensional event, but that apparently does not stop some.

Last night or early this evening, I saw in Twitter the following:

MB surrender


Figuring that maybe a new video or other source appeared with new info, I prompted the author about the source and I was sent to MSNBC. But there was no mention of “downward angle in surrender” but just the location of the shots. When told that MSNBC had not expressed that qualifier, I got this response:

MB surrender 2

Most people are rather ignorant (as in lack of knowledge) about shootings getting most of their info from movies and TV shows. Life however is not a tidy script written in an air-conditioned suite in Hollywood and it differs from the “imagination” of a writer.

People react when pieces of lead traveling at high rates of speed impact their bodies. They feel pain and immediate movements happen. I found this video in LiveLeak (00:40) and it shows somebody being shot in the stomach and the movements after. here are some screen shots:

stomach 1
Before the shot: Standing straight up.
stomach 2
Bullet impact. Notice a “contrail” coming out of the back of the subject who is already bending forward.
stomach 3
The head is already at 45 degrees and the arms coming closer to the body.
stomach 4
The top of the head is now at 90 degrees from vertical facing the shooter and the arms are almost tucked to the side of the body.
stomach 5
Falling. Right arm tucked in full contact with the side of the body.
stomach 6
On the ground.

In the video you will notice that all these movements happened in a second. Having seem similar reaction in different videos and you yourself seen it if you ever playfully pretended to ht a friend in the stomach, it is in the realm of possibility that something similar happened with the Michael Brown shooting.

Humans will react to pain in the pain/chest area by crouching and or trying to get in a fetal position as way to protect the internal organs, we are hard-wired that way. But the problem is that we have a Narrative already set in motion by whatever pundits decided it would be profitable and normal human reactions do not conform to it so it must be ignored:

MB surrender 3

There is comfort in self-delusion I guess.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “It is called shooting dynamics, not shooting statics. (Somewhat graphic content)”
  1. Even in video games, especially newer ones where enemies recoil and ragdoll after injury and death, this is exactly what you’d expect. The first shot causes recoil, but anyone who plays, say, Rainbow Six Vegas because of the realistic aspects will throw 3-6 rounds into a target even if it’s already dead, just because burst fire is more effective at dropping hostiles quickly than 360-no-scope headshots. It doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that after the first, bullets are going to be entering the body at several odd angles.

  2. USSS Agent Floyd Boring, one of the greastest pistol shots at the time, jerked a round high right at the beginning of the gunfight during the Truman assassination attempt. Creased the head of one of the badguys very neatly. Crap happens when lead starts to fly.

  3. There’s also some (completely reasonable) speculation that the top-of-the-head shot – and possibly the eye-shot as well – was the result of Michael Brown leaning forward in a “tackle” position.

    Either way, the location of the wounds are inconsistent with the initial Narrative: that Brown was shot while surrendering (with his arms up over his head) or running away. However, without direct observation evidence (i.e. video), it’s unlikely we’ll ever know with 100% certainty.

    1. My first thought was MB may have bull rushed the PO. Maybe I’ve watched too much high school wrestling or too much Kajukenbo, but I doubt it.
      And the narrative that some want out there, is shot to shit, although that won’t stop them. They wanted transparency, they got it, and it wasn’t what they thought it would be. Not smart enough to be careful what they ask for, just might get it…
      Donna g
      Ps. God forbid they confuse the issue with the facts.

  4. I like how nobody brings up the witness with the, “he had his hands up, screaming, don’t shoot, don’t shoot”. The Dorian guy doesn’t sound like much of a witness now, does he?
    Then the family attorney, (one of them, there is at least him and two co-counsels), had someone on the radio stating that he was shot from the rear?. This was on 550 AM radio station here in Stlouis.
    No wonder it’s all BS, nobody can keep their story straight!
    Ann whatshername wants to know when Barack is coming to ferguson? We don’t need potus, we need “shooters for the looters”.
    Donna g

    1. There are too many trolls just like him, makes my head hurt. You’re can’t confuse the issues with facts with some of these folks.

  5. They want a narrative that fits ‘their’ agenda… Releasing the truth is screwing with that agenda… Be prepared for the Feds to ‘find’ something different and charge the officer… Just sayin…

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