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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The person responsible for the racist graffiti found at C.K. McClatchy High School last week has been identified, the Sacramento City Unified School District announced Thursday.

Last Friday, someone wrote the words “White” and “Colored” over water fountains at McClatchy High, a reference to the Jim Crow era. The district’s race and equity monitor, Mark T. Harris, told CBS13 a Black female student confessed to the vandalism and cameras caught her in action.

You have to be incredibly ignorant or be a political shill to say that specific graffiti was not done with the intention of stirring racial strife. Yet that is precisely what Mr. Harris went on to say:

“I don’t believe those words that were on those water fountains were racist,” Harris said. “I do not believe they were hate crime or hate speech. Part of it quite honestly is because the admitted perpetrator is a young African American woman.”

And there you have it folks, it is official. “If we do it, it is not racism.” is official policy.

For the briefest of moments, I had a sliver of hope reading the article:

 But community activists like Berry Accius from the Voice of the Youth say there should be zero-tolerance. “I disagree with it not being a hate crime because at the end of the day we understand when you have colored on one water faucet and white on another kind of faucet what that means – whether it’s 1950 or 2022,” Accius said.

Damn, somebody stepping up to the plate and condemning the action and the actor of a hate crime! Bzzzz! WRONG!

He joined activists from the Sacramento NAACP and Black Youth Leader calling for the district to be more transparent of its findings. They also raised doubts about the confession citing mistrust of the district’s handling of racists acts in the past.

It is a Hate Crime, but she did not do it. But wait, you do remember the top of the article, right?

Black female student confessed to the vandalism and cameras caught her in action.

Wait, how in the hell can you argue actual visual evidence? For that I am going to quote South Florida’s premier Race Baiter, Leonard Pitts, Jr.

We are trapped in a Groucho Marx routine: “Who are you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes?”

It is like they are intentionally seeking a race war of some kind and expect they will be victorious. I guess it depends on your definition of victory: Political power and control of the country? Doubtful. Making a bundle in funerals, burials and disposal of corpses? About the only thing you could call a victory.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “It is official: It is not racist when we do it.”
  1. Not to be contrary, but I can imagine a couple of “victory” scenarios.

    (1) based on Sandy Occasional Cortex’s appraisal of the “inetevetiblility” of the triumph of socialism, fellow congregants cannot imagine NOT taking over. (see: Justinian Turdoo)

    (2) I think that the guy “running” Mogadishu, presently, thinks that he “won”.

    (3) Sociopaths occasionally think that they won, in their terms, when their lives are incrementally less shitty than everybody else’s. Not necessarily “good”, in any meaningful way, simply less bad.

  2. There is too much money and/or favors to be made from crying racism.

    Unfortunately there isn’t enough of the kind of racism to the people why want to capitalize on it need to make it up themselves.

  3. So, just came back to this one after having looked at the post on peaceful protest effectiveness.

    They will continue to play the race card until it no longer works. That simple. When the race-baiting does stop working they’ll move on to some other attempt to shame people who don’t agree with (read: obey and kowtow to) them.

    There are a few problems with this approach, of course. It will tend to bury and make people dismissive of what would constitute real grievances, e.g. the boy-who-cried-wolf effect. It will also tend to “nudge” (in the sense of the British government unit of that name) already mentally questionable people on all sides towards taking action against the people they’re being told are bad (e.g. have a reason to hate). We’re already seeing that start to happen, it seems to me, in large cities.

    1. I’m with ‘it’s just Boris’ except for one thing. Everyone I know is beyond the “tend to bury and make people dismissive of what would constitute real grievances, e.g. the boy-who-cried-wolf effect.” We’re there already.

      I can’t think of one single incident in this racism plague that was real. It’s always a POC doing it to accuse the whites of racism. It’s all fraud.

      Maybe my memory is going bad, but I swear they’re all false flag events.

      1. Hi, SiG, what I was getting at was people’s response to an alleged incident, regardless of whether the incident is real or made up.

        Every one I can think of off-hand has been proven false, yes. The question is, how many people still care – or are willing to believe – when a new “incident” comes up. I’d guess the percentage is zero, for people who read this blog. Or yours. How about the general population? 75%? Less than 50%? I don’t know.

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