Because fear generates clicks.

If your AC only cools 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature, it means it needs a bit of maintenance. Maybe cleaning and/or recharge of the coolant, but it should give you easily 30 degrees. The Missus has the house at 72 degrees, or she pulls out the sharps and people start feeling her overheating.

One thing I haven’t done since moving to TN is the biannual January AC check like we did back in Miami. It is hard to get your mind started around the idea of maintaining the AC with freezing temps outside.  I will have to make a mark in the calendar for March/April next year just to make sure I don’t end up a testing subject sharpness because SWMOB is overheated.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on ““It is Summer! We are all gonna die!””
  1. Here in GA it’s 2X/ year. March for AC , Sept. for heat. We have 2 units, upstairs and downstairs. New filters every time. Clean AC coils, check coolant, etc. in March. Never a problem, 72 all year.

  2. I spent the summers in Houston growing up. You can’t scare me.

    Now, we cool the house in the morning, close the curtains and don’t use the oven, then cool the house again before bedtime. Thanks be, it rarely gets that hot (100 tends to be the max, sometimes a string of 105 if a ridge parks to the southwest and we bake.)

  3. Good lord, a little information is a dangerous thing.

    20 degrees temperature differential is about standard, and optimal. You’ll likely get less.

    That said, you aren’t cooling the outside air. You are cooling the inside air.

    My old house, on a 100 degree day would maintain 85 degrees inside. So worst case, it’s cooling from 85, not 100. That’s 65.

    And, as your house cools, all the system has to do is maintain. So, if you have your house set at 74, it’s 74 degrees it has to cool from, usually to what – 72 to have the system cut off? How hard it works is dependent on how well your house is insulated.

    Each house I’ve lived had a set point – where I could stay comfortable and not broke. That temp in the new place is 78 during the heat of the day, 74 or so at night. It could go lower, I just don’t want to pay for that.

    Works the same in your car, BTW – it’s why you put it on recirculate air rather than fresh when it’s hot out.

    1. but when you first get in the car its way hotter inside than out side until it cools down, THEN put it on recirculating… jmho

  4. Just like the UK’s weather maps showing ‘red’ for the same temps they used to show as ‘green’, they have to keep convincing the sheep that the world is catching on fire.

    1. Have you heard the Brits are issuing heat warnings? Temperatures are climbing into the low 80s F!

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