“It is time to move out of New York City”

Having an exchange in Facebook about Jews being attacked in the Big Apple, I posted that it was time for the NYC Jews to head south where they could be not only safe but able to defend themselves. One of the participants did not like the idea saying instead that the Jewish population of New York excises political power and they should stay instead.  When I replied that the only political value the average Jew has in NYC is as a corpse so Democrats can be seen as sensitive, shit went downhill.

I will spare you of the exchange (it was bad on both sides and my opponent took umbrage when I called him “Baby Arafat”  for wanting more Jews to be killed unnecessarily) but I closed my side of the issue with a historical remark to support my view about moving out of NYC

 Even Moses said, “Fuck this shit, let’s get out of Egypt and find a better place.”

That did not help end the convo in a good manner. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

3 Replies to ““It is time to move out of New York City””

  1. If you have so much political power that you can’t afford to dilute it, then use it to make NYC easier to get a CCW permit. If you don’t really have the power or don’t have the stones to provide the tools for your own self defense, then GTFO to a gun friendly state, or accept that people who hate your very existence will eventually kill you, either piecemeal or by the boxcar load.

    1. Odds are he fears the Southerners who would let him arm himself more than the “progressives” who want him to stay an easy target. Which, when you think about it, is bass-ackwards.

  2. Political power in a democracy comes in two forms. Money and votes. Blacks deliver the votes and Jews deliver the money.

    The blacks are waking up to the fact delivering the votes doesn’t mean the Democrats care about them. The Jews need to wake up to the reality that the Democrats only care about them enough to keep the money coming.

    The Jews will be sold down the road as soon as a group of Jew haters can deliver more money or votes than the Jews.

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