CCI Quiet, 40 grain,  710 FPS

Just popped 10 rounds in the backyard to an old can wanted for different felonies and it is quiet as advertised. The Missus gave it a good description ” A loud BB gun.”  The offending can was about 25-30 yards and never stood a chance.

And also as advertised, this particular flavor at 710 FPS will not cycle my 10/22 which means I will need a bolt action .22LR in my future, preferably with a threaded barrel. I needed something if I saw Bubba LePew (Pepe LePew’s redneck cousin) again getting aggressive in our backyard again and this will be the ticket

PS: It is weird to actually step to a backyard and just plink away. At least my mind briefly had to process the idea that you can actually do that without having a swarm of cops descending on you.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “It is truly quiet.”
  1. I run a Savage B22 bolt action for my 22 bolt action needs. It is quite quiet with CCI quiets. I have also used them in my ruger single six to kill a racoon in the attic because that’s the lowest velocity I could get to keep the danger of going through my house and hurting or damaging anything else with it to a minimum. Stuff is still loud in a pistol, but in the long barrel you don’t really need ears.

  2. I have a Savage Model Mark II FV-SR Bolt-Action with the threaded barrel. With any subsonic ammo and a half decent can, you’ll think you forgot to load it when you shoot it the first time. And it’s more accurate than I am. Makes it a ton of fun to shoot.

  3. Ruger American then you use the same mags. I have one. Don’t usually shoot subsonic because I live in the country — next to the hollow — and it is very quiet with the Eley ammo I tried.

    1. I run the same thing with a SilencerCo SS Sparrow. 10/22 mags are cheap and all over the place. With the CCI Queits in HP, mine does 75 yards out the back door for any critter that needs removed no problem.

  4. For an interesting alternative try and find a toggle action Steyr RFR. An LGS had several last year but being both left handed and broke I passed.

  5. I’ll second the Ruger American, SKU 8305 would be a good base gun and potential suppressor host.

    The rifle I’ve always want to build up for backyard nuisance control was based on the old PWS T3 (now Volquartsen Summit). Straight pull biathlon type design that is based around the 10/22 (takes 10/22 mags, barrels, stocks, and triggers). I wanted to do a T3 action, TacSol SB-X barrel, and TacSol thumbhole stock.

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