It seems we survived another major threat

The recount confirmed DeSantis won the election. In fact Gillum only increased his count by one single solitary vote and still refuses to concede. Although I expect more frivolous lawsuits from the Democrats, I see little chance of progress because simply the people are tired of the Democrats whining and Brenda Snipes screwing up multiple times in a row including missing the deadline to turn in the recount results, this time by two minutes.

3 Replies to “It seems we survived another major threat”

  1. Don’t take your eyes off the target or holster your arm yet. Gillum may still go to Federal count to get what the voters of Florida denied him.

    1. Plus all the “uncounted” Dem votes still to be “found” in Palm Beach county, that will be hand counted AFTER the deadline because some idiot Fed judge can’t read and/or follow the law.

  2. If the Br/Coward County election results were late, why are they counted at all? Throw them all out and their huge margin of Democrat votes. Broward County residents don’t like it? Elect competent Election Supervisors!!!

    Isn’t it true that the machine count actually found 779 new DeSantis votes in Broward? 779 that won’t be counted because the Incompetent Boobs were two minutes late?

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