Nearly two hundred people in Israel were kidnapped by Hamas and taken hostage in Gaza.

Across the country, supporters of Israel have been putting up posters showing the names abs faces of those missing and kidnapped.  Many are babies or elderly.

One of the more grotesque trends in recent days has been savages tearing down and destroying those posters.

In Miami:


New York City:




New York City (again):


Ian Fleming famously said, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

There has been more than three of these caught on camera.

These savages don’t want people to feel sympathy for Israelis taken hostage.

They don’t want people to see the atrocities carried out by Hamas.

This proves unequivocally that their hatred has nothing to do with land or political sovereignty, they just hate Jews and want to destroy them all.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “It was always about Jew hatred”
  1. Universities are unlikely to say anything harsh about this.

    It’s encouraging to see the perpetrators named in some of these posts; hopefully the others will be named in the future. As one prominent businessman told Harvard, “tell us the names of these people so we can avoid hiring them”. (Instead, their names were removed from a revised document “for the safety of students”.

  2. I don’t think the populace would be very happy with mobs of Jews storming restaurants demanding everyone inside chant Semite Lives Matter with a fist held up high. Remember, they told us silence is compliance.

    The leftists with outrage a mile wide and principles an inch deep will be the first to have a melt down.

  3. I have a buddy who recently converted to islam a few years ago. A month before he started dating this muslim girl, he would have been 100% on the side if Israel.
    Now, hamas is just responding to years of Israeli oppression, attacks, and outright terrorism.
    there are way too many people who only see the headlines where Israel has launched an attack into Gaza, etc… but they never see the stories about the hundreds of explosives hamas has launched over the border into civilian targets. Net result, they really do believe Israel is the aggressor here.


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