I’ve discussed my recurring issues with Trash Pirates around here. I’ve determined that 30-30 is big enough for one shot kills.  A body shot will take them out almost instantly.

I’ve also seen that removing the brain from a racoon with a 30-30 leaves a huge mess and lets the body twitch like a headless chicken for way to long.

The .22LR did one in but it took way to long and I wasn’t happy with the pain it gave the animal.

A year or so ago I picked up a revolver in .38/.357.  The reason was that I was tired of losing brass.  At the range if it bounces wrong it ends up in the lanes and if the damn range officer has had his talking to in the last day or so he is so busy sweeping all the brass he can out into the lanes.  For every 100 rounds fired I was only recovering around 75.

Brass getting harder and harder to find this was not acceptable.

So I went looking for a lever action in .357mag.

My LGS had a Rossi ’92 in .357.  I went down and looked at it.

I hated the damn rear sights.

It was hate at first manipulation.  I didn’t even bother to dry fire the thing. I didn’t bother to look at the fit and finish or anything else.  It just wasn’t worth it.

Then the magic happened.  I stopped in at the LGS and they had a Rossi ’92 from the 1990s.  It had beautiful square notch rear sights.  The wood was worn with the love of 30 years of hands.  The trigger was smooth with a clean break.

It followed me home.

I’ve only sent a couple of dozen rounds down range.  I need to cast more bullets for .357.  Every round I sent down range rang steel.

I firmly believe that this rifle will do a great job of Trash Pirate control.

Oh, if anybody knows how to get the last round in the gate to rotate so it is centered in the receiver, please let me know.  It loads beautifully but I have to stick my finger in the receiver to give that last round a little nudge to the left to get the base to center up on the elevator.  Once there it works fine and manipulating the lever with .357 or .38 special works perfectly.


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By awa

5 thoughts on “It was hate at first manipulation.”
  1. Well hot dog its always great when things work out like that and getting one thats well loved and broken in is just icing on the cake. Love how handy and alive they feel in your hands.

    Did some digging cause I was curious and it looks like some of the Cowboy Action shooting folks have some solutions and possible fixes.


    Look forward to hearing how it does with your trash panda seige. I’m also glad to hear how concerned you are with a quick and ethical kill for the lil critters.

    An aside I’ve had very good results from a .17 HMR on those things and it gives you no real pelt damage. I’m still kicking myself to this day for passing up on a 17 HMR revolver.

  2. A lever gun is on my list preferably in 38/357.
    Someday…. We dont have too much trouble with trash pirates here. We have a dumpster at the end of the drive a hundred feet from the house. They cant get in it. I use mr franchi for trash pirates….

  3. Think my original comment got eaten by internet goblins.

    Congrats on hopefully find a goldilocks inbetween and its already broken in and well loved to boot good on ya!

    Did some digging because I was curious and it seems like some of the Cowboy Action folks have several potential fixes for you.


    As an aside I’ve had good results with a .17 HMR on these critters one shot kills and very little pelt damage. I’m glad to see how much concern you have for ethical kills for your trash pandas.

  4. Got two comments eated, maybe cause I included a link? The cowboy action folks have several examples of potential fixes that might work from you.

    Congrats on the find it sounds like a purdy rifle especially if its been broken in and cared for.

    I appreciate the concern you have for an ethical kill with minimal suffering for the trash pandas.

    I’ve had very good results with a .17 HMR on them, it does a great job and does very little damage to the pelt.

    1. The pending/spam filter didn’t eat your comments.
      It is very “purdy”.
      I have thought about getting .17 HMR but that’s still another caliber… I really need to stay with where I’m at with calibers.
      And thank you, I do try and be an ethical hunter.

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