This is a memo to the Democrats from a Left-wing polling firm:


It has nothing to do with science or health.

It has everything to do with polling numbers and perception.

The polls have turned against severe Covid restrictions so now the Democrats will as well.

It was never about your health but their political agenda.

I want a reckoning.

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By J. Kb

    1. Or, perhaps, day 15. (I’d like to believe at least some people were acting, initially at least, in good faith when we knew a lot less about the virus’s effects and properties.)

  1. Truely, Pure Evil.
    Not just this but ALL of it.
    They engineered all this evil.
    And waited like Pedophiles On the School corner.

    The Buzzards need feeding.

  2. While I am glad this panicdemic is going away, I am afraid of the next one.
    Will the population as a whole get it? Will they remember the lessons, the fraud, the BS? Or will they mask up, quarantine the healthy, test every three minutes, etc… because some government official says so?
    Just as long as the drop the requirement to mask up on flights and in airports, I think I can struggle through with the rest of it.

  3. As I have said before- remind everyone who started this YUGE lie- DEMOCRATS. Because come voting time Americans have short memories. And democrats know this so of couse they will try to take credit for “ending” it. Oh and what economy???? 4 F’in dollars a gallon gas??? Inflation?? THAT economy???

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