ADA Binger has not met a rake he hasn’t stepped on.

He asks questions that as a lawyer he should know the answer to and then gets it thrown right back in his face.

First there was this gem:

I didn’t think that could be topped but Kyle did it.

This is right out of a courtroom sitcom for one liners that makes the lawyer look stupid.

But it’s real life.

I can hardly believe a lawyer can be this stupid.  Either he wants Kyle to win or he has a humiliation fetish.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “It would be a comedy of errors if it weren’t so serious”
  1. I’m beginning to wonder. In case you don’t know, Kenosha (and Kenosha County) sits on I-94 between Chicago and Milwaukee, and has a lot of experience with violent types, such as gangbangers (and Jeffrey Dahmer), doing bad things while traveling back and forth between the two towns. It’s not a cheesehead Mayberry, and its prosecutors should be sharper than this trial makes them look. I’m beginning to wonder if Binger and Kraus know this case is a dog that was filed for political reasons (or as riot insurance), and are trying to throw it. That seems to make more sense than anything else I can think of.

    1. Binger isn’t throwing the case.

      Binger is Burning Down his Reputation, which means burning down his career.

      Justice will be Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted, and in six months or so, Binger disbarred. I would settle for a small news item in January, “T. Claire Binger Has left the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office” “Mr. Binger stated he wants to spend more time with his family, after his wife filed for divorce on Thanksgiving Week last year.”

  2. I think one possibility is that if you look at the mainstream reporting on this, it is showing a completely different story. Binger is playing for news bites that will look good on CNN. They know they can’t win on the facts, so are trying to win in the public square. They are trying to paint Mr Rittenhouse as a vigilante who provoked the peaceful protesters into having to attack him.
    Also may be counting on that public perception already established and enforced by social media over the last year to intimidate the jury into guilty irrelevant of any thing presented at the trial, and then with the open jury intimidation already noted, they dont actually have to prove anything.
    The mob has already convicted him, which is why I think his ‘defense’ is so passive. They dont want to be seen defending too hard.

  3. I am guessing that this chaotic trial was the work of some new hire learning the trade. Rittenhouse don’t matter. The dead “Rioters” and “Arsonists” were loosers who will not be missede.

    I am guessing that this drawn out legal struggle is a warning to the next guy who might be tempted to defend him/herself or business against the coming waves of “mostly peaceful demonstrations”. I think that the eventual intent is to trash the core of urban areas to make fertile ground for the new “colonists”. (What do you think all those Illegal Aliens are being recruited for?)

    Compton, California was the prototype colonization. Compton was a Black killing field with ~100 murders per year. The Hispanics moved in and rather brutally evicted the Black gang-bangers, therby creating a prosperous (~70% Hispanic) municipality. Kenosha doesn’t even have a ghetto to purge. What else would all those Illegal Aliens be for?

    The colonization and the preamble of “mostly peaceful” demonstrations, riots and fires would be harder to implement if the locals were willing to defend themselves or their businesses. No “local” will have the financial and legal backing that Rittenhouse has received. The extended prosecution is a message to Kenosha that any attempt at resistence of what is surely coming wilol lead to personal and financial ruin. Similarly, the push on “gun control” is to ensure the planners that Whites in the surround (outskirts or suburbs) do not resist the chaos or any evictions of the ghetto population from similar operations in Chicago, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Philadelphia, etc.

    The Kenosha Prosecutor is just learning what fools he hired into his office. It is entertaining, but really doesn’t matter to the message (threat). It is easy to hire flunkies to tear down the “White Patriarchy” while they party, but alot harder to hire thugs to go against upset, determined people with 20-30 round magazines in their firearms.

    Rittenhouse-Kenosha is just the preamble to what is coming. Basement dwelling, unemployed Leftists are a dime-a-dozen. Determined “assault” troops are a completely different game. Rittenhouse and “gun control” are just battlefield preparation.

  4. Well, maybe the ADA is pushing for a mistrial without prejudice so he can transfer the case out of the judge’s hands, delay the trial, screw up all the defense’s witnesses and just punish Kyle by extending this whole process. Or he’s pushing to shove it up to the Fed level.

    As to the ADA not wanting to prosecute, he had that chance at the beginning, when he over-rode the police and everyone else who said it was plain self defense. He’s the one that went to make political hay out of this. Most of the footage was available within hours of the incidents. Most of the key witnesses were talked to within days. Seriously, the ADA could have dropped charges any time up to and including during the trial. But he hasn’t. To me that means he’s trying to make re-election points out of all of this.

    1. The problem is that he pissed the judge off so badly he may get that mistrial WITH prejudice or a JNOV. Which means Rittenhouse walks.

      Jesus, I’m not even a lawyer and I know better than to pick fights with a judge in his own courtroom.

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